Is my server broken?


I have been sitting with my server Falcon Hunter open, online, and active for about an hour now, and nobody has joined… is my server broken or offline for some reason? I can’t figure out how nobody is finding it on the random spinner… there isn’t very many servers online right now.


Is it set to public? does it have any passwords or whitelists?


I believe the “random join button” only leads people to servers that have 1-6 players.

Active owner = active server.


@GoodGradesBoy I was online and active… @Brer-Rabbit joined proveing it was online
@Lord-Hyness it is public and has no whitelist
EDIT: it seems to be working now, I have had two people join within 5 minutes… I don’t know why it wasn’t working before.


It’s probably just bad luck, I’ve sat on servers for 2 hours and gotten no one even when player counts were high. It takes a lot of effort and time, but you need to be active and gain some more players to support your server.


Yeah that makes sense I guess. It’s just pretty frustrating when your super active and nobody joins :confused:


Especially now that you have to pat money for servers. :confused: