Is the Blockheads app going to get an update?

There is any expectation when Blockheads will be ready? I got I new phone and I am no able to download it from playstore. Help me.

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You should check out The Blockheads has been removed from the Google Play Store

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No, but Sapiens (formerly called Ambience) should be ready by the end of this year or early next year.

is it on PC?

The Blockheads or Sapiens?

For sapiens it’s on steam aka pc

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i hope it’s as good as Blockheads! although nothing can ever replace such a good game.

It’s on PC? Really?
What OS?

Windows (for now)! :slight_smile:

Cool! I can jump on my windows laptop this weekend and play.

Oh, it’s not available to everybody just yet, but you can sign up to be a tester! :slight_smile:

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ohh alright