Is The Blockheads Dying?

Recently I’ve seen some inactivity of users from servers like Czy, Aceland and Craigland, which I found really strange, since they used to be so popular. I’d be lucky to see about 2 people there now, so I was thinking, is Blockheads dying? I don’t see many people on servers anymore, and the regulars just seem to vanish. Will this get worse? Will Blockheads soon die down? What do you think?

Definetly not. People just move to new servers when the old ones get inactiver

Blockheads dying? Not yet, it’s only 1.5.2

One reason why you don’t see some regulars might be they are beta testers. And afaik beta testing is done right now for the next update.

I don’t believe so, especially since i know for sure that the game is getting more and more downloads everyday :slight_smile:

Also, when 1.6 comes out, it’ll bring more traffic.
Also, some people might just not be on multiplayer, and feel like only doing SP worlds.

I think that everyone’s getting a bit bored of waiting for 1.6.

I used to be active, but in a previous post I said why I’m less active

We’re in an in-between updates period, so there’s less activity than there would be if a new update released. Secondly, as pointed in some other threads, cloud servers splinter the community into fewer players on many servers.

i think that since cloud servers are now possible, there are way too many servers out there, and everyone is spread out between all of them. the servers you named were active when blockserver was still around. now everyone goes to separate cloud servers, most of the time their own, and no one else joins them because there are so many. everyones busy managing their own inactive server that they never go to others.

when blockserver was around it was rare to see no one on a server. now its really common. i dont think blockheads is dying, but the multiplayer part is.

I agree with all of this. I think there should be a way that larger, better servers could stand out above the rest. Something like a voting system…

It also happened on the forums :slight_smile:
February-26-2013 there were 392 people online at the same time because people were waiting for the next update (I think?).

Correct, that’s when Dave announced 1.2. :wink: Wow, almost 400. I haven’t seen 150 in a while now, I think the 392 was also partially luck.

And no, I don’t think the game’s dying. The forums are much busier (I think) and it’s only because there’s a lot more servers to choose from. :smiley:

I think we should organize once where everyone is online on the forums OR in-game :rolleyes:

Old, regular players are probably trying out other servers due to being bored of their server’s inactivity sometimes.

May I enquire why there are two Henrypopzs? One is the Original Henrypopz I know, and another is the one who started this thread- HenryPopzz. As you can see from this Henrypopzz profile, he only joined this september 2014 whereas the Original Henrypopz joined the forums in July 2013. Both Henrypopz uses the same profile picture. Is this an instance of an imposter?

I still play cheese worlds and it really active! Usually. Lol

there was another thread henrypopzz made and both henrypopzz and henrypopz were making posts in a way that made it sound like it was one account

Yes, which is why there are two possibilities:

  1. Henrypopz forgot the login details of his old forum account and made a new one named Henrypopzz
  2. Someone is trying to impersonate Henrypopz with Henrypopzz.


i dont really think that BH is inactive since i always see too many people at SGE during American night times

soon as 1.6 comes out it will be packed