Is the Blockheads protocol documented anywhere?

Self-explanatory title. If it’s not I’d happily look into the protocol myself and document it.


What do you mean by that?

yeah, the term protocol needs a little explanation there. If you mean the server-client communication, I don’t think Dave wants that documented.

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i only know blockchain protocol

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Unfortunately it is not. It uses enet if you want to experiment :slight_smile:


Ah. Ok. I’ll experiment and let you all know what I find and give you a link to docs.

Please don’t publish anything without Dave’s permission.


I’ll ask Dave for publishing.

(Pfft), as if he’s gonna see it.

Not the point. As IP owner he has rights, and if I become aware of the sharing of sensitive information it is my job to inform him of that. Part of a CM’s role is to protect the property of the owner employing them.

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By protocol do you mean forums rules??
cuz they are here⬇️

No. It’s the conversation between the clients and servers.

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