Is the blockheads world a globe, or a square?


Well, i feel in the mood to start a debate. :confused:

Alright, is the blockheads world a round planet or a square planet

  • Square
  • Round

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How is a debate a game?


Hey there, heard you like starting random debates. I like continuing random debates.

Alright, here’s rather thing. You see, a handcar can go up against the force of gravity and fall back down at the same speed anywhere depending on its original speed etcetera. If this works with items as well, all being pulled down at the same speed everywhere when dropped, then gravity must be evenly distributed around the whole world, making it a circle.

Did I blow your mind?! No, probably not. Cheers lad.


The Blockheads world is round, but blocky.


You see, the Blockheads world is a big line. Yeah.



It’s flat.


It can’t just be a big line though because it wraps around, right? If i’m wrong feel free to correct me.


I walked around a 1/16 world, and yes, it does wrap around. This means that there actually is a correct answer to this. Because gravity does not have different effects, and because there is no steep dropoff, it would be a circular world.


CaptainGold’s right, and it’s obvious; just circumnavigate and see.