Is the Discussion of Religion Allowed?

Since i don’t have the role to unlock #off-topic. i wanted to ask this, are you allowed to discuss about religion? If you do not know me, i used to be known as Lord-Hyness. i just wanted to know if it’s allowed or not, cause of the fact there aren’t as many users on now as there were 2-3 years ago.

I am only asking this because i might reconsider being active on here again. I don’t have any plans on playing the game unless i am suddenly motivated again.

According to the FAQ…


The title says it all. No discussion of sex/sexuality, gender orientation, or anything else that is contentious about personal identity and love is permitted. Nor may politics or politicians be talked about. The same goes for religion. This is an inclusive community, and your views may offend others in these matters, about which people are so passionate. Forums user-names that reflect sexual identity, orientation, or views, political views, or religious views or beliefs are also not permitted.

I mean, are you allowed to talk about certain parts of it now or no?

Well, there have been many discussions about politics and gender orientation recently, so I’m not entirely sure.

For example:

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Alright. It would be better to hear from Milla. to know whether or not it’s allowed. I mean, IMO. people should have the freedom to speak about their religion. Take for example, i am a Christian.

Yeah, we should definitely wait for her to respond. She takes longer breaks nowadays, but she’ll be able to answer you eventually. :slight_smile:

Also, to back up what I said earlier:

And there’s even more:

kinda wanna go on this one, it’d be a nice way to share as long as there is no harassment involved