Is there a way to automatically reward after voting?

When people vote for the server id like for them to be given some server currency. Is there anyway I can make that happen?

It will not work at all because the voting system is not part of the blockheads. People could glitch the system and keep getting money and ruining your server.

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You could probably make it happen if you have a link to your site which redirects you to the voting site. You could probably make it work so it takes a look at your IP, looks if the IP that clicked the link is in the server, and if said IP is in the server, it gives you a currency using the message bot.

Upon reviewal, this probably breaks the guidelines.


In what way?

I’m not sure if that would count as IP tracking.

I thought IP tracking was tracing someone’s location through their IP, not using someone’s IP to verify who they are on the server.

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If you’re a javascript nerd, you can probably use <script> HTML tags to see if someone clicks the voting button or not and have a prompt asking for your blockheads username. You can then log usernames and who voted in a database you can access elsewhere.

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I would love to but I can barely put a pretty welcome message together. Im glad to hear it’s at least possible though

Very hard. You would need to make another bot or reprogram message bot to reward people. Maybe @Bibliophile could set it up so you get points so you can reward them when you are online

Doing this properly would require support from… The last time I looked into this I wasn’t able to come up with an API that I was comfortable with since it would have to do rate limiting to prevent people enumerating ips… and I didn’t want to deal with making it secure.


Is it possible to use javascript packages such as node-fetch and screen scrapers to fetch information and do that instead?