Is there a way to change your forums username?

Is there a way to change your username in the forums page(the one you are on right now). I know how to do it in the game app, but if possible, not in here. I also didn’t know whether to put this in Meta or Questions so I put in questions.

If you have a brand new account you can change your name yourself for a short amount of time.

At this point though, if you want to change your name you’ll need to contact Milla and ask her to change your name. (Though note it’ll probably be a bit, she’s recovering…)

Moved to #meta. #meta is for questions, discussion, etc about the forum itself, while the other categories are about the game.

You can change your forums username in the game?

Yeah, the blockheads

You can probably change your blockheads username in game but your forums username?

Yep, the name that appears above the message. Mine is PandaAndBean. My blockheads one is PANDAZEETBEENZ though.