Is there a way to find out who is flooding?


Someone keeps flooding spawn on SMALL DESERT over and over again. Is there any way to find out who is doing this?



Generally, the only way to do this is to play sleuth and read the server log… see if you can isolate when it happened and then isolate who played during that time.

If it is protected then it is either an admin or a hacker/script kiddie. And this info can also help you to isolate who might have done it.


Or somebody that drops water from high places.


Yes good point.


Yes, all possible scenarios, unfortunately. How do I access the server log? Is it only available to owners or can I as admin see it?


Only Owner.


It requires access to the owner portal. And I NEVER suggest that anyone but the owner have access to the owner portal, because it can lead to even bigger problems.


How bad is the flooding?


Yeah, if I were an owner, I wouldn’t let anybody touch my OP, TBH.

The flooding isn’t terrible, more annoying than anything else.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! :smiley:


Have you tried the /repair feature, coupled with a single block hole? It can save you a lot instead of using buckets to clear up.

I also had a couple of flooding problems too but I was more persistent than the trolls that eventually I could log on with not a drop of flood.


Yes, there is.
First is the area around you:
-Terrain: If you next to a mountain or in a valley, there a nice chance of finding the person.
-Water leading structures: If you cannot find the person who flooding your base, find any structures that leads the water such as house with ice blocks.
-Above: The best way of a player to flood someone is above so they can prepare for a giant flood up there. But if it’s too high then it will be impossible.


Yes, /repair is very helpful. By single block hole, do you mean dig one block out at the bottom so water collects? Or a hole for water to actually drain through?


he means a one block hole that the water can collect into, then use /repair to remove the water.


Gotcha-- yes, that saves a lot of time in clean up :smiley: