Is there a way to retrieve a deleted Offline World?

I play blockheads on my ipad and i installed blockheads on my phone, then I made my offline world online to let my blockheads character from my phone to join in, few mins later I stupidly deleted the online world but I didn’t know it would delete my offline world :skull: i deleted the app afterwards 🥲 are there any solutions to solve this…?

If you’ve deleted it, it’s gone… permanently. :frowning:

Aw man how unfortunate. it’s so sad because I literally came back to play this game again after 3 years… and now my hard work I effortlessly put onto my world. Now has been idiotically discarded by me :cry: Yeah, i know it’s not the end of the world, I could make a new world and restart from scratch again. But it truly hits different after coming back to it for 3 years. I wish they added an option to revive deleted worlds

I understand what you mean. You’ll be able to make new memories if you start a new world. :slight_smile:

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Which device did you delete it on? If it was originally created on the iPad and you deleted it from the phone it should still be on the iPad.

I originally deleted on my iPad and there’s no chance reviving it back… Same on my phone

If you have a backup of the device you can restore that, but otherwise it’s not possible to recover unfortunately.