Is there any chance of The Blockheads getting another big update

its been almost 4 or so years since 1.7

It’s probably going to have some bug fixes after Dave finishes his sapiens game

That’s wishful thinking. I honestly don’t see the blockheads getting any updates in the future, sad as it may be :confused:


There likely won’t be any updates in the future. The Android version of the game has been pulled from the Google Play Store.

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I doubt it. I’d phrase this as: Certainly nothing before Sapiens is released. Possibly some bug fixes after that.

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After Sapiens is released and critically acclaimed as the Best Game Ever - then we might possibly get a Blockheads update :joy:

Or who knows - maybe after Sapiens, Dave will work on Blockheads 2.0. Now that would be something!


Probability is unknown. If it gets a bug fix update it will be after Sapiens has had at least one update post-release. There are no plans for Blockheads yet, because all the plans are Sapiens-related.

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If The Blockheads WAS going to get another gigantic update, it would probably be after Dave gets Sapiens done. There is a very, very slight chance. It will more than ever likely never happen, but I’d say there would be a 0.01% chance of it happening. It might go through, but I wouldn’t count on it.

No, there’s zero chance of a big content update.


two things

first is this meant to be under suggestions?
second is there official confirmation by dave there’s no chance? i’m just curious :slightly_smiling_face:


Not sure, I just made my account and I just started playing again after having to go through an entire wifi incident for months, so I’d better catch up with the latest news. :sweat_smile:

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Wonder why Dave doesn’t get a co-developer to help out with the game

There’d be no point in doing that.

Good business practice.

@courageous.spinal: No, because it’s a question.

When I post a definite answer that is, at the time I post it, the official response. If I’m not sure I write using indefinite language.

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So, you’re saying there’s a chance?



okay i figured it was under questions just checking, and yes, i would obviously take your word i was only checking because dave is… the developer and creator, so i don’t know

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I saw a “yet” up there :slightly_smiling_face:

This is such an obvious answer, yet it could screw the game over more than before

The other developer may remove or add specific things that were really useful and good, do something that many people will have a negative opinion on, etc, etc.

It’s like chess (something i’ve been playing too much of lately). You have to find the best moves without getting checkmated because of a move done 10 turns ago.

i play too much chess