Is there any way to transfer Time Crystals between phones?


I recently upgraded my phone. Both are running Android. I would prefer not to root any of them. Is there any way I can restore my Time Crystals onto my new phone? I’m sick of watching ads.

Thanks in advanced.


Milla can transfer the time crystals I think.


I asked milla to do the same with me recently. Since transferring TC between devices won’t keep them synced, you’d be essentially doubling your tc, So it’s not likely(unless you plan to do away with the old device entirely, but I’m not too sure)

Perhaps there’s a way that involves a computer if you have one of those, but im not experienced regarding those


Pretty much. What’s the plan for the old phone?


Selling it or trashing it. It’s got dead pixels on it.


Okay, I’ll PM you about this :slight_smile: