Is there anyway to transfer ownership of a world?

Many years ago someone had left their server to me but hadn’t bothered to admin or mod me. So, I had no way of protecting me or the server of hackers and/or griefers. I still remember the world name and its password, but I’d like to bring it back to life. I believe the previous owner quit the game, and that’s why he left it to me.

You’d probably need approval from the actual owner in order to transfer the world.

But he left years ago! I have no way of contacting them…

I don’t know what to tell you then. I’m pretty certain that you have to get approval from the actual owner. You might be out of luck.

Alright… thank you

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Are you ABSOLUTELY positive? I really don’t want to lose hope…

Do not lose hope until Milla gives an official answer.

Oki Doke

You can rest assured in the knowledge that no matter how much another player may bug me to change your world’s ownership to them, I will not do it unless you tell me to. By extension I will not give you a world that belongs to another player, without their explicit instructions to do so.



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Dang I asked a owner of another server if I could be owner cause I was admin but they haven’t been online for a month

At least your admin and can actually do something to help the server :confused:

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it is unfortunate, if you have any means of contacting the original owner and telling them to get into contact with milla here or by email, that’d be great

assuming that you do, milla is capable of simply switching the owner, and this can be done as much as needed so if any mistake is made she can always re-change it, but i doubt that will happen

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I have no way of contacting the original owner.

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I’m sorry about this emeline best thing to do would be to simply play with friends or even make a post and contact people you find around forums. Most people here wouldn’t ever do anything against servers rules :slight_smile:

My recommendation would be to look through the Multiplayer forum and find a world that suits you, and play there. Here you can see when world owners leave, and communicate with them outside the game. You can also get my help faster :slight_smile:


hey milla, i have approval from the owner of a server my friend made for me. how do we do the transfer? he said he could get on and approve of this :slight_smile:

The owner of the world should either private message me or email me. PM is fastest.

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thank you so much!- i’m new to the forums so how do i get the email?