Is this a Grass block, or a back wall?


Alright, while doing things I thought to my self. I should make this thread :slight_smile:

Now the true answer is, is this a block of grass? Or a back wall?

  • It’s a grass backwall
  • It’s a grass block

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The contest is over! OldYellow is the winner of this years contest. Congrats! :slight_smile:


When you go to one side of it does it have sides? If so it’s a block. If not it’s back wall.


This is meant to be a guessing game, not a question in general.


In that case I’d say it’s a block.


Zooming in kind of gives it away :wink:





Exposed indeed.


I think if it was a block it would, in theory, have the same brightness as the dirt on top, but it is in fact darker. Based on that, I’m thinking it might be dirt backwall since most times the backwalls of blocks have a tendency to be a darker shade of the originator, no matter the light level.

Though based on everyone else’s choice I’m probably totally wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

As a sidenote, how exactly are you deciding who receives the prize?


Back walls do have thin sides as well though


Ya know, if someone knows psychology, they could easily figure out what the answer is based off of the answer few people would think to put. :thinking: :thinking:


I don’t think there is such a thing as “dirt backwall with grass”. Lol


Hint: T__ __a __ d __ a ____ _____ T m __ ____ _k _ ___ck






Can’t always believe what you see, as that may deceive you.


I think it’s a painting, so neither?..

The other thing I noticed about this pic is that Matpat is moving very slowly…


Merged two posts in quick succession.


Backwalls are not able to have the green grass on top, while grass blocks do! :smiley:


To hang a painting don’t you need a back wall?


not at all