Is this animal abuse?

I have this shark tank with five pet sharks, and every time I look away they breed like rabbits. So my solution is to kill all of my sharks’ children after they grow big enough, sell the clothes they drop and feed my sharks their own children’s flesh. It’s really very convenient, mainly because my sharks eat up their food supply really fast, but is it animal abuse?


lol they are programs, not real animals… (Someone has been playing to many video games lol.)

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I thought you were talking about real sharks
Please specify next time

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Lol, it’s not considered animal abuse, it’s not genuine organisms, therefore it’s not considered animal abuse unless you’ve harmed a genuine animal.

What do you mean by that?

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I put this up as a joke to see how people would react. But basically what I do is that whenever my pet sharks overpopulate the tank with their offspring, I always kill them and feed my sharks meat from their own children.


that’s dave’s fault for making sharks drop raw fish

wait a second… sharks are in fact a type of fish, they aren’t mammals, but why would clownfish drop the same type of meat a shark would? suggestion material right here, add shark meat

sharks eat fish

not to get too logical but if that were the case why don’t fish only drop kelp because that’s what’s in their stomachs, while sharks only drop their stomach contents and their jaw

Do you know who else is being abused on this game?
… but I kill dodos for meat to survive