Issues with adding credit to worlds - now fixed


Hi all

This is just to let you know that for the past few days there has been a bug when adding credit to worlds. An incorrect amount would be added, always resulting in the server having less credit than it should have, sometimes a lot less. We fixed the bug yesterday, so adding credit is now working correctly again.

We managed to find every affected world, and restore the world credit to the correct amount. This includes any credit that was added but then lost. We have also added an extra 7 days credit to all affected worlds. If you added credit and it didn’t work, and for some reason it still hasn’t been restored, please contact Milla by emailing and we’ll sort it out.

We’ve had a bit of a bad run with bugs, sorry! It’s all due to getting ready for 1.7. Hopefully everything should run smoothly now, we should be about done messing around with things until the update comes out. Thanks for your patience.


Credit Won't Work!

Thank you Dave! Glad to see all the worlds up & working again.


Thanks Dave for your hard work sorting these issues out. Looking forward to the update in due time.


Thankyou Dave :tulip: Thankyou Milla :tulip:


Thank you Dave and Milla very much for fixing all the issues that have recenty emerged, it shows you both really care for your players and the game.


How much more does the “huge” update need


Pretty much all it needs at this point is to finish Android beta testing and be accepted on both App stores. (Google and Apple) We should be seeing it soon!


Aren’t u Freddy fezboor?


I PMed you about that so we do not derail this topic.


Google doesn’t “review” it’s apps. Which makes it all the more convenient for Noodlecake and Dave and Milla.


That’s why the Google App Store is infested with bad apps, isn’t it?


Unfortunately yes, but people don’t seem to care.


Untill something bad happens.