It got replicated


I was in SKEEVES GIGANTIC EMPIRE crafting some carbon fiber wings for my soon-to-be jetpack. I crafted one wing but didn’t have any inventory space so it dropped to the ground. The moment it fell to the ground someone picked it up, so I asked them to drop it. Once they dropped it the server crashed. I joined back and picked up the wing. Then the other person joined back and dropped another wing! The thing is they were a brand new player who couldn’t have possibly created one in five minutes, especially because it takes five minutes to craft one! Since I didn’t want to use any cheat-ways to make a jetpack I disposed of the extra wing and continued crafting the other one. So long story short my wing got replicated!


That good though


@bloky2018 no it is not good. I don’t like glitched items. And it happened again! I got rid of it again though.


Never drop your items :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol @GoodGradesBoy I didn’t realize I didn’t have any inventory space. :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue:


i agree with lag.I get 10 wood and i crafted a boat.I was away when my blockhead was gathering wood.I came back and my boat is crafted,but the 10 piece of wood is still in there.I wasn’t sure if i actually chopped 20 woods or it duped…


There’s also another way that I ended up finding out. MajicDave really needs to fix these duping methods.