It’s not okay to run interference between me and our community


Recently someone tried to divert players from coming directly to me with problems, reports, and complaints. This is completely unacceptable. It’s important that players fell welcome and able to come to me with such queries, and that they do so. Anyone seeking to divert players from seeking my assistance will be permanently banned from this community. This is not negotiable.

Please stop saying it like all anime fans are tc hackers
Please read this milla!

Okay, got it! Thanks for the heads up! :thumbsup:


Can someone translate this into people that don’t know English well? I slightly don’t understand this


Some people (let’s call them apples) tried to convince others to go to them to submit problems, which would then be sent to milla. Milla wants people to come directly to her with problems, because the apples were not official. Along with this, milla wants everyone to feel comfortable coming to her to submit problems, whether it be inappropriate worlds or bullying.


Basically, some people are trying to scare players away from asking for help from milla, and she’s saying that you’ll be permanently banned if you try.


Thanks I understand now


But is it okay to help others that that ask for your help for first time experiences with this? That was the case with my friend recently.


Absolutely! If it’s about a bully or someone who’s behaving inappropriately it should come to me though. We want to know about those.


Bullies are usually what you get reported to about, right? Meaning, it’s the usual kind of issue you get reported to about most of the time, rather than sexual content?


Not at all. Most reports are about piracy. After that is “I’ve been banned/demoted and want you to tell the world owner off”, and then inappropriate behaviour or content. Bullying would come after that.


Got it. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile: