It was Dave's fault


Based on the forum joke.
How to play~

  1. Put something bad that happened to you
  2. Blame it on Dave
    Ex. It was Dave’s fault that i lost my 100 dollar bill


It is Dave’s fault that I haven’t showered in 2 months.


It was Dave’s fault that I lost all my soup!


It was Dave’s fault that my milk spoiled


It’s all Dave’s fault for the crashing on servers.


It’s Dave’s fault that we have an idiotic orange ruling our country like a dictator


It will be daves if i dont win the mc gold card, which allows you to have FREE food for eternity


It’s Dave’s fault xfinity is total garbage and works rarely. As I’m typing this I’m using 3G because WiFi is literally dead.


It’s daves fault that the Blockheads wiki hasn’t been updated to include 7.1 information


It is Dave’s fault discord is being weird.


It’s Dave’s fault that my Desktop computer is weak.


It was Dave’s fault my computer’s wifi chip broke


It was Dave’s fault that it’s not Milla’s fault.


Its dave fault I’m eating Cheese Itz!


It’s Dave’s fault that you guys are here talking about Dave.


It was daves fault that… I can’t even think of an excuse of doing this.


It was dave’s fault that famous fortnite streamer ninja died of Loose Internal Gene Mi-Asintits


It was daves fault that he also died of Biologically accelerated lithospheric lobster srecnip (pincers backwards I can’t think)


It was daves fault that North Cafolinea was Freated.


Twas daves fault this thread died but some Buffon revived it
…wait a minute