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:warning: Disclaimer!: This is just an idea, I don't want this added, I just want to inspire Dave for 1.8 :warning:

Item Pipes

March 24, 2018

Have you ever wanted to find an efficient way of feeding people in your server? Does your server suck? Are you very interested in having a storage system? If you answered yes to any of these questions except the second one, then I have a solution for you. :wink:

I present:

Item pipes




  • 1 copper wire
  • 1 steel
  • 1 oil
  • 1 window
    In metal workbench to make 10 pipes

[Image of that]
[Image of pipe formations]

Pipe mechanisms:
This pipe can be placed on back-walls only, you can place a block on top of it just like elevators to make it hidden. A pipe can transport 3 items at a time in one pipe, and the item in the pipe will not move unless a pipe in directly below the input, items cannot be transported upwards, the items move relative to gravity and the direction they were pulled. A pipe can pick up any item in a chest, golden chest, feeder chest, and shelf.

A pipe can only transport:

Dirt, wood, stick, worm, pinecone, apple, mango, maple, prickly, coconut, flax seed, orange, lime, sunflower, corn, carrot, cherry, chili, wheat, tomato, kelp, flax, vine, all 
dodo eggs, feather, dodo meat, fish, leather, fur, coffee cherry, flour, yeast, salt, yak shaving, cooked dodo, green bean, mozzarella, poison, coffee bean, bread, flatbread,
pizza, rainbow essence, flint tools, linen clothing, flint, clay, oil, coal, copper ore, tin ore, amethyst, sapphire, amethyst shard, sapphire shard, crushed limestone, pig iron, 
basket, ember, charcoal, torch, string, linen, tinfoil, all pigments, copper wires, tulip seed, tulip bulb, paintings.

If any other item is added then the pipe will have a difficulty transporting the item and have a very rare chance of the pipe bursting
[GIF of transportation]
[Image of pipe mechanics]
[Gif of pipe bursting]

A pipeline needs power, and to power it, you need a pipe generator.

To craft:

  • 1 flywheel
  • 10 copper wire
  • 2 pipes
  • 1 motor.
    In level 5 workbench

[Image of recepie]
[Image of placed]

For the pipe generator to work, it needs to be connected to a pipeline and a power source. The pipe generator causes the pipeline to function, the more power is given to the pipe generator, the faster the items in the pipes will move.

[Gif of function]

Strong pipe:

  • 10 pipe
  • 10 oil
  • 10 copper wire
  • 1 steel block

For 10 strong pipes in the metal workbench

[Image of recepie]

The strong pipe can transport any item and block easily.

Upwards pipe
To craft:

  • 10 strong pipes
  • 1 motor
    In metalwork bench to make 10 upwards pipes.

Simply these pipes make the items go upwards:

[Gif of upwards pipes vs normal pipes]

How to use item pipes:

You need to place a pipe first, and you can place a chest on top of the pipe to automatically connect it to the pipeline. Once the pipeline has been created, any pipes that are not connected to other pipes have an option to open and close the pipe. If the pipe is facing upwards and it’s open, then any item above the pipe will go inside it. If the pipe is open and facing downwards, the item will automatically be dropped onto the block underneath the pipe. If a pipe is connected to 2 other pipes, it will automatically open, however, it cannot dispense or collect any item, if you close a pipe connected to 2 other pipes, that pipe can no longer support other pipes and the items inside will be on hold until the pipe opens. If a pipe is connected to 2 other pipes, and one of the 2 pipes get’s removed, then it will be open to collect and dispense items.


Item pipe mechanics:


Pros: This will be very useful, and electricity will have more usefulness.

Cons: This can be confusing for some people

Credits TheFoil

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I think that this would legitimately be a great feature for 1.8!


Maybe electricity could be provided to allow them to push items up?

Awesome Idea! Just Like Minecraft Hoppers! XD ^w^

Yea! That’d Be Cool!