Item transfer


Introducing… the item transfer! (Pls no judge i really want to make a suggestion but i dont have ideas) It moves items from your chests into other chests and can be used to organize some stuff!
Let me make a little thingy on how it would look like…
/ = floor i = pipes [] = chest 1= item transfer a= air

1[] aaaaaaaaa []
You have it manually select it and hit start in order to start the transfer process, along with having to chose which chest you want it to go in and what item you want to be transferred to.
This could give you a bit of time (I guess) for your blockhead to go do other things (like mining) while you wait for them to transfer.

Items required to make the transfer:
1 Iron block
10 oil
1 chest
2 pipes
Items required to make pipes:
2 glass
1 wood
Note: the transfer can only go up to about 45 blocks.
Both pipes and transfer would both be made at a metal workbench. (Lvl 2)
Alright I’m done.


It’s still a good idea!


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