It's time for another 1.7 spoiler! Meet Polly!


No details, as always… I like to keep you all guessing :wink:

Why we NEED pets
Special pets
Everything we know about 1.7!

YAYAYYA thank you!!! ∫bob∫ Is coming! Will the “∫” symbol work?


Im guessing that is a fence.


Nice. I love it,
I think I might know what it is.


PETS! PETS! PETS! :dodo:
Donkey pets? Scorpion taming? I see a fence sort of pen… And you can name them? SQUEALS


Let’s hope the ∫ symbol works!


Yay!!! Name tags for pets and a fence :smiley:


It seems like Dodo Birds will have random names when hatching or spawning, and the wooden thing seems to be a fence. Yay!


Thank you! ∫bob∫ Will have more power!
I can name a dodo ∫bob∫ if you don’t know what that means.


Actually, who is ∫bob∫ ?


It’s a character I made :slight_smile:
_ -|-
_ /
Many different versions of him




I’m so excited for pets! I hope we can use name tags or something similar to name them. I would name one Phteven! :3


I would name one Vince… :slight_smile:


New font looks awesome!!!


Oh yeah, I just realized Polly’s name is in the new font! :smiley:



Yes Finally! Thanks so much! :smiley:


OMG the hype is so real now like pets!!! That sounds so cool


Finally a way to know which one is George and which is Jeff.


Oh my gosh, I can’t wait for 1.7!!!