It's time for another 1.7 spoiler! Meet Polly!


Dayum how do you remember the exact date you started playing? :joy: and what do you mean?!? Jet packs basically made multiplayer REALLY “take off”… see what I did there?


My campfire ahivement says October 19 2014 so I know by That.


i just noticed polly’s name is in the new font :trophy:


Names and fences???
There’s no use Of naming the dodos because, they will eventually die anyways…but it would be fuuuunnnn!!! And fences!!! Ooooohhhh I’m sooo exciteedddddd


I quite like the idea of naming Derpy the dodo… :wink: My newest bestest friend!


Can we name dropbears, scorpions or cave trolls? (Aggressive mobs)


Should we put it in a catogory


I know a lot of troll-collecting blockhead fans out there who would adore the ability to name trolls - even if that’s the only thing you can do. :lol:

Heck - I would even start collecting trolls myself with this ability. I would name mine, Obi-Wan KaTrollie. :lol:


NAME TAGS! Now I can name the 100s of Dodds around my house!
FENCES! Now I can imprison them Too!


This is nice.
One question thou…

Where. Are. The. Cats?

Jk haha. Hopefully with this update comes with more animals to turn into pets. Dodos and donkeys isnt just an interesting pet, at least for me.


I know that @Skeeve is a Troll. :smiley: :smiley:


I notice that this post/thread/topic is uncategorized. Should it be moved?



No, I dont think it should. Dave is in a class by himself. Its proper he should have his own category. Even if it is an uncatagorized category.

Seems fitting somehow, IMO. :joy:


Wow. That is funny. It use to be general discussion what happened to it??


This has been uncatagorized since it was created.


What if you can put two fences in a set distance of each other, use a special tool, and then any creatures inside said area cannot be attacked or die, like an owner sign for living things?


A peace zone? Could it apply to blockheads too? And work in reverse on cave trolls (they can’t hurt us, we can’t hurt them)? Would be awesome!


Maybe. It would be nice so that admins could make pvp servers with set safe zones, while not having to constantly swap back and forth


@majicDave will we be able to name items and fences are awsome my sister will have an easier way to keep her dodos she won’t have to put them in a hole anymore!

This is a great idea


Hi zeek