It's time for another 1.7 spoiler! Meet Polly!


Hey. :slight_smile:


Please do not go off topic, @DJswagApple . If you want to talk to @Zeekiel, please pm him.


How about this:
Don’t be like that with someone who’s being nice to me,or just greeting me.

Besides, there’s people who’ve went off topic here, why not talk to them too in a PM,where you can be how you where to me to them and tell them not to go off topic.

This is just a 1.7 update spoiler and shouldn’t be taken too serious going off topic,I believe, besides its just a simple “Hey” not a whole things off topic.

Also, isn’t it a little too late for you to be telling me this? :slight_smile:


First of all, naming pets. Also, is that a gate?


I believe so.


Watch it not be a gate since most everyone thinks it is. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah. Maybe it’s a portal to some weird dodo dimension of something. We just don’t really know yet.


Cute, I wonder how this would turn out, billions of pets all crowded and names can’t be read xD


Ohh! Can you name pets and secure animals with gates?

I’m guessing it’s a pet update!


Looks like a tiger to me… and it might be a tiny door


I believe this one will have a little bit of everything, from the looks of it. :slight_smile:


looks like we can name pets, and fences will be added. neat.


Really looking forward to this one. :blush: Dodos as pets and fences will be so fun.


Naming animals would be a way to add floating text to servers. Who knows maybe coloured text might come next :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Dave is having some issues with escaping Dodos :wink:


Most everyone already thought this anyway, but gates are now officially confirmed. :slight_smile:


We have signs.


:smiley: :smiley: Make a Color (like Blue or Black) above one of the (Blockhead or upcoming do do) and put in text," @Zeekiel the hacker" and write a sign that the color means that hes a hacker on your server :joy: :joy:

@milla I'm just messing with @Zeekiel again. :smiley:


YAY!!! We get to name our pets!!


(Deep breath.)
Seriously, this is amazing, and I lament my device being way too full for Blockheads. Darn you, memory card of musicals.