It's time for another 1.7 spoiler! Meet Polly!


@TheBest1Ever. What about custom? Set health to always healthy, set no death, always full, mobs to safe, free TP and you have creative mode.

@sagekenn. New items will be added in 1.7, coming soon!


Custom gives you all that, but it’s still the same inventory.


That’s true


That thing looks like a fence gate


Yayyy!!! I could use the gate as a balcony railing! And I hope the name tag prevents from despawning ( keeping a mated dodo to make infinite eggs for coins :smiling_imp: )


Well I guess I can finally actually name my Donkey Barnabus. He’s prolly long dead by now though. BARNABUS THE SECOND THEN!


how does this topic not have a category?


Ummm … maybe because it was created by the game developer Dave?


Let’s give Polly a cracker


CAN’T WAIT :clap:


This thread goes on and off XD


I have a huuuge crush on Polly guys, but don’t tell him I said that!


I finally get the reference to Polly!


Lol Wumbo, did you not see the picture until now?


lol yes i love dodos and farming them :smiley:


Correct! I’m impressed by your accuracy. Yes, we DO have pets in 1.7!