It's time for another 1.7 spoiler! Meet Polly!


Yayayayayayay I can’t wait


Are those oranges? And dirt? Thats amazing!!! And wow, look at that tree. :joy:


I can’t wait for 1.7!


Me too! I know it’ll be a good update!


I’m like 99.9% sure there are gonna be pets in the new update


Dodos spawn also near orange trees?


Don’t think so, only apple trees from what I recall.


But this is the new update…


It should still be only apple trees. Just because all you can see is an orange tree doesn’t exactly mean that there isn’t an Apple tree off the screen.


Um…well…dodos will stay for me a food!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!


Oh yay! Nametags! But what about a better creative inventory?


I’m late for the party… :sweat_smile:
Just wondering, how about fish and sharks? It’s all love and rainbows for the terrestrials, but how could I name my fish ‘Nemo’ and my shark ‘Bruce’ now? :stuck_out_tongue:


A better one would require there to be one to start with :stuck_out_tongue: creative mode has been suggested a lot… it may be added. Maybe not. Well find out soon enough :slight_smile:


@TheBest1Ever. What about custom? Set health to always healthy, set no death, always full, mobs to safe, free TP and you have creative mode.

@sagekenn. New items will be added in 1.7, coming soon!


Custom gives you all that, but it’s still the same inventory.


That’s true


That thing looks like a fence gate


Yayyy!!! I could use the gate as a balcony railing! And I hope the name tag prevents from despawning ( keeping a mated dodo to make infinite eggs for coins :smiling_imp: )


Well I guess I can finally actually name my Donkey Barnabus. He’s prolly long dead by now though. BARNABUS THE SECOND THEN!


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