It's time to migrate from BlockServer to the cloud


[SIZE=2][FONT=arial]BlockServer is closing down

The Blockheads recently had an update which allows anyone to host server based worlds in the cloud from within the game using crystals. This update was a combined effort by both BlockServer and Majic Jungle, and was built on much of the technology behind BlockServer. As a result of the new easier method of hosting and joining multiplayer worlds, the game has seen a huge increase in the number of multiplayer worlds available and number of players playing multiplayer, which is fantastic for the game and for players.

This means that we will be eventually shutting down BlockServer. The majority of players are now playing on the new cloud servers, and so it makes sense for us to focus our future efforts there. So at this point we are no longer accepting new purchases of BlockServer credit, and are not allowing new worlds to be created. BlockServer worlds will continue to run as long as they have credit until the end of the year, and then BlockServer will shut down permanently.

Migrating your account

We were really concerned for a while that you might not be able to migrate your worlds from BlockServer to the cloud, and this has caused the delay in us sending out this announcement, so sorry about that. But we’re very happy to let you know that we have figured out a way to make it work, so you can now copy your world to the cloud when you are ready, and when you copy your world across, it will be created with 30 days of free credit.

As well as the free credit on migrated worlds, we would also like to offer you a refund of your remaining BlockServer balance. You have two options, the first is to convert your balance to time crystals in the game at a rate of 1000 crystals per dollar of BlockServer credit. This is a much better rate than if you bought the crystals directly, and also allows you to further credit any new cloud worlds for a lot more time than that balance would pay for on BlockServer. Your other option is to simply get a refund of your balance via paypal.

There is no huge hurry, but when you are ready, please log on to BlockServer and select the “Copy to cloud” option, where you will be able to copy your world over to the cloud. There is also a new “Transfer credit” option in the account screen where you can select how you wish to receive your refund of any remaining balance. Or if you like, you can do nothing, and just leave your worlds running on BlockServer until your credit runs out.

Issue with usernames

If you decide to migrate your world to the cloud, you will need to know about an issue with usernames. The reason we had such difficulty with allowing migration is that usernames must now be cloud-wide unique, whereas on BlockServer, usernames only needed to be unique to each server. Also, the cloud now does the checks to see whether a given device is allowed access to a given username, instead of each individual server.

This means that on migrated worlds some people will not be able to connect using their normal username they used on BlockServer, and some others will connect with their new cloud username and find that they have the blockheads of someone who has previously connected to your server with that name. Unfortunately there is no way we can automatically solve these problems, however we have added a command that will reassign usernames, so that if any of your players come across either of these issues, admins can assign that user’s blockheads, items, explored map area, and all their ownership of objects to a different username.

To use this command (which won’t show up in the /help text):

  • The command is: /reassign OLD_USERNAME
  • You can only use this command after the world has been migrated onto the cloud
  • You will then be prompted to enter the new username. It must be a completely new username that has never logged in to that server before. Simply enter a new username then hit send.
  • The reason it must be an untaken/new username is that otherwise you might unintentionally overwrite that taken username’s account. If the name is already taken and you still wish to use it, you can first reassign the taken name to something else.
  • You will then be prompted to confirm. Enter ‘yes’ (without the quotes) and hit send. Any other answer will cancel.
  • The server will then perform the migration of that account. It may cause some lag, and in extreme cases you and other players may actually be disconnected momentarily.
  • The /reassign command is only meant for the purpose of migrating usernames due to issues moving from BlockServer to the cloud, and it will be removed in a future update. Use with care!
  • You may also need to update your ban/admin/mod/white lists, as usernames on these lists are not migrated during the reassign process.
  • Once completed, the new username will be able to log in as if they had the old username, and the old username will be free so if a new player connects with it they will have no blockheads, own no items, and have an unexplored map.

The future

One final thing, though the cloud based servers do not yet have some of the functionality that you are used to for managing your worlds and players, we are working to add as much of that functionality to the cloud servers as we can, and more new features too. You can expect to see some great new server management features in the coming months.

We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you so much for your support, we really appreciate you hosting worlds for other players during these early days when it wasn’t so easy to do so! We hope you enjoy playing and hosting on the new cloud based servers, and we’re looking forward to continuing to make the experience better for you and all players of The Blockheads.

If you have any issues, please send us an email:

Dave Frampton - Majic Jungle
Lloyd Weehuizen - BlockServer[/FONT][/SIZE]


So is Blockserver now officially affiliated with Majic Jungle Software?
Poor Buddy…

Edit: oh, that is nifty. Got my 20¢ worth of time crystals (200, would cost 99¢ via IAP), currently transferring to the cloud, going to get my free credit.
Out of curiosity, is it possible to reset a cloud server? To a new, fresh start?

EDIT 2: My server is officially lost in the cloud. It has transferred over and I have no idea how to find it. Help! HEEEELLLLLP!!!


I can see it, do a search for it.


As you might guess, my name is not
"#Bill the Sheep".
That is also a 16x world, mine is not.


Yours has no space in the name, BlockServer worlds can’t have spaces


Thank you so much, Lloyd. You are so wonderful:D


Ok, right now I happen to have about $20 of blockserver credit in account. I remember before you stated you cannot transfer the funds over, but now that you have things with transferring servers sorted out os there any way to transfer the credit? I really have no use for my prepaid visa card because I’m going to have to pay a $5 charge to put credit back in and $15 really won’t get me anywhere after that. Maybe transferring the server over to my blockserver account then transferring it back would work to put the funds in? If there isn’t a way to transfer my money over then consider it my donation to Blockserver. :slight_smile:


Yes, you should read the post above :slight_smile: There is a new Transfer credit button in the account screen that converts to TCs.


It transfers a day of blockserver credit into two days worth of time crystal cloud credit.:slight_smile:
It is worth it, especially with the thirty day credit startoff.


Oh… Sorry about that Zhaus. Somehow i completely missed that part. Must mean it’s time for me to go to sleep! Looking at the time… It’s midnight now. Off to bed I go!


It’s a lot more than that if you pay monthly, $2 of BlockServer credit (10 days) will run your Cloud server for 30 days.


Yeah, but if you only had 20¢ like me…:slight_smile:
It is much much more efficientif you had a lot of credit, but even on a small scale, it doubles. Not to mention the thirty days of credit- that’s what really sucked me into it!




I wish the update of upload your own world to cloud would come quickly… Then I can make a server…


Oh my gosh I am laughing so hard right now XD Also zhaus, will you continue working for blockheads in majic jungle, or will you do something new :slight_smile:


Once you ask to reassign a player and type yes what happens then? I have left it and waited but soon as I type anything else it cancels the reassign I had requested. Like if I try to then add that player to the whitelist. so does it let you know the player has been reassigned? So far i have two players who it says name in use but I can’t reassign.




I work on a lot of different projects Andie, wasn’t my only project. I will however continue to maintain the Cloud for the foreseeable future :slight_smile:


Zhaus are you able to help me with my above message posted, I can’t seem to reassign plyers. After I request it nothing happens for me.


Is there a way to transfer Mac servers to a cloud server?