It's time to migrate from BlockServer to the cloud


Unfortunately I’m not actually sure how the reassign works, I’ve sent your message to Dave, hopefully he will respond soon.


thank you :slight_smile:


After converting the world, everything disappears once I explore it.
Then after exploring



I got searching for world so pressed forget that world and went into search and looked for it that way then it let me in.


Please tell me this is a joke. How am I supposed to check logs for chat? Or reset owner to get stolen stuff back? Or set it back on my own if there’s corruption? Plus, cloud servers get corrupted so easily. And how will I do announcements? How will I be able to view the full blacklist? Or whitelist? Or any list, for that matter. And if it is a cloud server, how will I have it in my name? Like, my ownership? Because if it isn’t, then if an admin went corrupt and unadmined everyone, including myself, then how will I be able to reconnect?

Sorry if I am coming off as rude, but I am deeply concerned for the fate of my server. With this transfer arises a whole bunch of new issues that seem impossible for me to handle.

And poor Buddy, he can’t join any servers now because of the cloud servers.


I totally agree. I hate the cloud servers and I would prefer if they were SHUT down not the online one. This is a total mess, please turn it the other way round, some people cant even connect to cloud server so to stop with the problem, just shut down the clouds server. I personally hate the cloud server. I wish this would never happen and you just did, you ruin my blockhead life, I may never play online again due to this. So close down the cloud servers, plus people are just gonna use time crystals and save up and I only brought Tc 1 time in a year and not many people buy tc so I don’t think it’s going to help the blockheads anyway. Unlike the online server, you have to pay and you make money and plus worlds would just carry on and get left servers with no owner coming. I’m sorry about this but close cloud servers instead.

Adding on:
And to be honest, Plebeius is one of my all time best since cows. I would not like anything to happen to the great server where loads of people go. But this is the reason why more people go on cloud servers:

A. Because it is new and people want to try it out.
B. For more grifers to grief the worlds
C. Owners maybe will leave the server abandon wasting their tc.
D. There could be more ways of hacking (which I don’t know about) to become owner.



I have two sides to this, and I am summarizing it, I’m mainly on the first side.

I’d really rather pay in money than time crystals. I like paying in my own currency. I feel very uncomfortable paying in time crystals. You know why? Because you can actually hack into the game, it’s like making money illegally. At least duping is fixed… If all of the glitches like that were fixed, I would be so happy. But right now, I’m not. Yes, you can buy time crystals, but I don’t like the individual part how you can buy a certain quantity of it, so please, make cloud servers pay with the currency you are comfortable with. Another reason why I use Blockserver is resetting owner, what happens if someone griefs your hotel, or robs your bank? Or just ruins your server, in general. I liked 1.5.1 at first, where you had multiple choices of joining an easily-corrupted cloud server that is ran by time crystals, or Blockserver, the first and best server host on the Blockheads, where you can monitor chat on a computer, reset owner, and automatically pay for the server with your PayPal. Well now, we only have Cloud Servers, the best option has been eliminated :(. Cricket and my server, Land of Omicron, will be down more often, due to corruption, and probably other servers as well. And what if I need a server in my name. You’ll probably say, “Sorry, but you can’t have a server in your name anymore.” And if one of my administrators on my server goes bonkers, they have the option of editing the rules, destroying my own server that both Cricket and I pay for, even when it’s not theirs. Guys, this announcement right here, was a griefer’s dream, so they’ll troll the heck out of us now. This is going to be great

But I’m looking to the bright side of this, which isn’t much for me. It’s mainly hope. So here I go.

I’m *hopefully, *looking forward to 1.6, maybe they’ll have you reset owner for stupid hackers that come on, and bring another server hosting service, that is trustworthy. And maybe you can pay with your own money, instead of time crystals, maybe I can be the owner again instead of worrying about an admin that goes bonkers and changes it up. And it could have hardly any chance of it corrupted. Maybe it’ll be a griefer’s nightmare… <:3

But I hardly doubt this will happen, and this is my dream. And I’m really sorry to hear Buddy, I’ll e-mail you about some updates that are going on your server and my server, and who gets banned for what. This will keep us in touch about things.

Hope Blockserver comes back,
Redmarble688 :(:mad:


First off, you don’t have to transfer. You can just let it run until you are out of credit.
I do agree that reset-owner is an issue, perhaps there is a way that that can be worked out eventually; dave did say that they would be working to improve servers.
If you want to continue running almost the same, and you have a Mac, ask Zhaus to email you the files. You simply won’t be able to do announcements, or /stop the server.
To view lists, simply /list-adminlist, /list-whitelist, /list-blacklist, /list-modlist.
Monitoring chat logs: I cannot see how this will be done, again, Dave is working on improvements.
When you transfer, it asks you who the owner of the server will be. You can set that however you want. I do agree that this kind of screws Buddy, but there are still Mac servers; and Buddy, I mean this in the best way possible, but they probably aren’t going to not migrate to the cloud just because of you. It sucks and I’m sorry for that.

You don’t have to buy time crystals. It is perfectly possible to run it using nothing but videos, especially with other people. Running multiple might be tedious, and you might want to buy crystals, but that is the main source of revenue for the game, and it is entirely up to you.
An owner can abnadon a world and never come on again, but they could also do the same on a Blockserver world. Heck, they could even close it so that nobody could ever play on it again; the cannot that with a cloud world and you can always get stuff out via a portal chest before it runs out of credit.

A: yes, it is new, and it is designed for people to try it out and use it.
B: griefers can be banned from all cloud servers, also, cloud naming and shaming can actually be a real viable thing, as names are unique in the cloud
C: that is them wasting time crystals, not you, you can continue playing and get your stuff out through a portal chest before it closes
D: no, not really. The owner is a set name, only Blockheads Support can transfer ownership over.

Blockserver is a covenient service that never had to be there, they are a third party and could have closed at any point between when they opened and now, be grateful for the lovely service that they did provide.

@Red: when you create a cloud world , it is automajically tehtered to your name, and you are the owner. When you transfer Plebeius, either you or Cricket can be the owner , when you transfer, you can choose an owner.

It is really not a griefers paradise, they can be globally banned from all cloud servers if they are reported enough.

And if you don’t trust your admins, make them mods.


Thank you for clarifying Pie. But what happens when my credit runs out? I won’t be able to add anymore, so, eventually, it will shut down.

I have a cloud server. It shut down randomly run a long while. It turns out all they had to do was do /stop. I emailed and they took a while to get back to me. With blockserver, it’s instant and I have easy access.

Also, thank you for clearing it up for me that it asks for the owner. That takes one weight off my shoulders.

I actually bought a mac. Specifically for the Blockheads. My parents are divorced, so I am forced to change houses each week. This means my IP changes every week. The only way I could do this is if I bought an IP that sticks with my PC, no matter its location. My parents will not support me in this, so there is nothing I can do. I spent my own money to buy that thing ($1200) so I had none left over to pay for an IP. I was forced to return the computer. So my last resort was Blockserver.

My cloud server has a large spawn. So this calls for lighting. There is light corruption EVERYWHERE. I also was building spawn for School with my BH friend Harrison. It has corruption coating the bottom. I could state a list of cloud servers that have corruption around spawn. There’s more elsewhere. This part bothers me the most.

Oh, and by the way, /list-(whatever) only gives you the 50 most recent. Over 1000 people have been banned from Plebeius. What happens if I needed to unban someone from a long time ago?


I have a feeling that one of the main reasons there isn’t /reset-owner on the cloud servers is so you can’t impersonate someone else on the cloud. In my eyes, I see it much more likely for there to be a command that lets you access another I players inventory and potentially portal chest. I love the fact that usernames are tethered to device, so now I can be the only T.J. and Yacht Crafter on a server.

Edit: @Cricket I’m sure if you requested your full blacklist Zhaus could send it to you in an email.


So you bought a Mac, but you had to return it. Out of curiosity, how much of the money that went into that Mac has since gone into Blockserver? Just curious.

So you need to unban someone from a long time ago.
You could always keep a manual copy of the lists somewhere…
Notes or some other note app. Just update it every two days or something with the new names, and start off the list with all the names you can get from Blockserver.

What about no-ip?


I agree with all of your points about the cloud servers. Also, blockserver had a list where every single server was listed, not just people who want to add their servers to cloud server websites


Lol being listed was optional
So it was by individual choice


Don’t try to argue with it. Cloud servers are here to stay and no ones opinion matters in this such case. Of coarse I wish cloud server has the options that blockserver does. AND DAVE IS WORKING ON IT. If you can’t play because you don’t have a device, buy a cheap android phone and use your house wifi or 3-4G, I love this idea, I can now have a server without wasting my dads money, that he could be using for rent,food, etc. btw I’m 14


Blockservers are now moving to the cloud!

Question, what will happen to servers NOT on Blockserver or the Cloud, like Blockcraft, or Aceland, or Clishcraft? What’ll happen then?


No info on that, my bet is that someone they will turn into cloud server or simply continue to run on what? Mac? Idk.


To my knowledge the Mac server app will continue to be updated as time goes on. Those servers can continue to stay open.



Ah, I hope some servers like BlockTrees migrate in time.


I hope all good servers migrate in time!


Hi everyone, thanks for all the feedback!

I’ll keep this short, as there is a lot to do! But I do just want to say that we’re definitely listening, and do believe that we can sort out all of these issues.

A couple of things that have come up:

  1. I have now fixed what I believe to be the most common cause of corruption, and also the bug unique to cloud servers which could cause more corruption there, so hopefully it will no longer occur nearly as frequently. I am also going to have another close look to see if I can find any other causes. The process of fixing such bugs will be a huge amount easier now that I can roll out fixes server-side and immediately see if it makes a difference across many worlds. As well as this I am working on a server patch that should fix most cases of lighting corruption, even on worlds where that corruption has already occurred.

  2. Regarding the lack of owner features, we are working on providing a web-based control panel for owners of cloud worlds that has pretty much the same features as what BlockServer has. Unfortunately this probably won’t be available for a few weeks, but we’re definitely working on it.

  3. On the crystals vs. real money thing, I’m very surprised to hear that anyone would rather pay with real money than time crystals, but I made that decision to allow players to host and contribute to servers even if they didn’t have a credit card or money to spend. Of course that means that I have to pay real money to run servers for people who steal crystals, but I decided it was worth that just to make the feature available to everyone.

  4. Hosting your own server on the Mac app will continue to work just fine, I will continue to maintain that for the foreseeable future.