It's time to migrate from BlockServer to the cloud


Thank you! Hopefully this control panel thing will work out :slight_smile: I’m excited to see the corruption fixed. Light corruption may be pretty at some times, but it sure gets annoying :rolleyes:


Dave you are the best and i myself love this because i can create a world and within weeks it can reach max credit due to player donations, this also lets evryone be able to make a server not just people who can pay real money cant wait for the web based control panel!


lolcatsinc is officially transferred to the cloud!!! please come visit us, it is amazing.


Woohoo Dave! :smiley:

When the control panel comes out, will we get the ability to roll back our servers?


I’m confused…:confused: How does this work exactly…?

  1. So if BlockTrees (is that in BlockServer?) is transferred to the Cloud, do I have to change my IGN to other than FroggyGurl since I’ve already used it on the server?

  2. When you log into the game and there’s a bunch of portals of recently played worlds, are those servers on the Cloud?

  3. And I have a Mac laptop, I’ve downloaded the BH server app, but I’m confused about how to start the server up!

I made a server on the app and called it Purplelicious (don’t ask;)), but I couldn’t connect to it via my dad’s phone.


It’ll be great to see the end of impersonation.

Did anyone here lose their IGN due to someone else taking it first on the cloud?

Dave - have you considered built in ads that could play a 15 second ad the first time you log into a server each day, for cloud servers, to help offset costs?


Tanooki you should make a suggestion for this under suggestions IT’S ANAMAZING IDEA!


Well, my question was not answered…
Will you be able to transfer Mac worlds as Cloud?

Oh, and will PocketServer still be on?

renwO )( tfarckcolB


PocketServer is unaffected.

We plan to bring most of the web console features across, I’d expect the rollback feature will be included, but we can’t promise anything just yet.

Over the next couple of months the cloud will continue to improve, we’re a long way from done yet :slight_smile:


Pardon my ignorance, but I cant help asking why are you forcing migration if you are still a long way from done? My username was taken, and two server owners just told me that reassign feature doesn’t work at all…


The reassign works, I’ve done it with two of my admins, and they are doing it because sooner or later BLOCKSERVER will shut down. And they want to help people keep their worlds , and even tho it might not be done it world quite well.


Well I couldn’t get it to work on either of the two worlds I migrated over.


Hey, can any of my reporters PM me a story about this for the Dryad? Possibly an interview too? Thanks, I’ve been without Wi if and delirious for a week, it sucked. I’m asking an idiot question now, restart=Delete and download again, or something else?


Restart on what?..


I transferred my credit, and it said to restart the blockheads. Also, there are no results for BLOCKTREES, or should I wait?


If you’re still having issues with the reassign command, please send me a pm and let me know the name of your world, and the name of the user you are trying to reassign (both the from and to names), and I should be able to sort this out.

Edit - it should be fixed now, please try restarting your world with the /stop command and it should now work. Sorry for the problems!


Oh it means delete blockheads from the app history not the app itself


It just means to close the app (easiest through multitasking) and reopen it.


Okay, thank you, Change! A good reputation point for you!
Also, I got a bad rep for asking that question. What was wrong for it? The poster didn’t even say a reason, just bad rep for you. I’ll try to keep my cool here. Also, I tried that. I got my TC, but I didn’t find BlockTrees in the searching for worlds list. I followed the directions…
What I did.

  1. Stopped world
  2. Transferred credit
  3. Panicked…


No no, you stop the world then go to copy to cloud and do what it says on that page , from there once the copy c
Process is done you can find the server on the cloud.
And I get bad rep for nothing too sometimes.
I love the idea of the cloud and that’s how I know how to work with it Lol.