It's time to migrate from BlockServer to the cloud


It says I need to stop and start, I did that, but I couldn’t start, insufficient credit.


You did it wrong! You were supposed to start then stop then copy to cloud then transfer your credit… There should have been a tutorial.


Oh no! I knew something seemed amiss…
I’m such an imbecile!
Do you have any idea how to fix this?


Ask Dave or mila for help, since you don’t have credit because you followed the steps wrong , they a re the only ones that can help in this such case meanwhile I posted a small (very small and to the point) tutorial under hints and tips so this doesn’t happen to anyone , I should have done it earlier ugh.


Which world is yours? I can start it and stop it for you


Her server is called Blocktrees
It’s in her signature , Lol


Ha, good point! Ok, it’s been started and stopped, you can transfer now


I hope she gets back on soon, but anyways since she is not on, thanks for the help! :wink:


I am so sorry to Milla, majicDave, and you for sending you that unnecessary PM! Please ignore it!


If you’ve been having problems with the /reassign command, it should now be fixed. You might first need to restart your world with the /stop command. Sorry about the problems there!


I happen to own this server where I don’t care much about the controls. So I am tempted to migrate it as soon as possible to take profit of the generous funding transfer you offer. As my name was taken by someone else, I wonder what I will have to do. Am I right in thinking that I have to assign the world to a new owner during the transfer progress? Then get on with that new name and reassign Ronnie’s assets to a third name? (As the new owner name has already joined that particular world obviously the assets can’t be reassigned to him.) So I end up with a situation where I have to have different names for the world owner and the main BH character?


You could set up an admin in the admin list before you transfer and connect as that admin first and reassign ronnie to the new owner ( I think all admins can reassign )

Or You could transfer it to your new name, then ask milla or I to do the reassign for you before you connect for the first time.

We can also change the owner name for you if you run into problems.


I never had an issue with the reassign commend but I am glad it’s fixed so it doesn’t happen to others! Dave you keep amusing me with each update, I don’t know what to expect for 1.6 anymore :3


Thx zhaus. I didn’t realise all admins can reassign. Hope I wil be brave enough later today to try the move :slight_smile:


After migration has anyone had any problems adding new people? I’ve added several new players to my Kingsville server and most of them can’t get on and play. They get on and it crashes or they just can’t get past the loading screen. It’s only with new players I add to the server though. Previous players are fine.


How many cloud servers are there currently?


Just an estimate GUESS… About 100+~ ish. Cloud servers.




Wait WUT.


I thought it might be around 1000+. I did not expect 4000. I imagine it’s just going to keep growing…

How many physical computers does that translate to? I never had more than 10 “servers” on my Mac.