It's time to migrate from BlockServer to the cloud


Well, since they use the command-line server…
I’d say 15 servers per computer, maybe? Thats still over one hundred computers I think. Lol.


All I can say is wait what!!! That’s alot more than blockserver servers.


Well, its obvciously because they are free, so kids without money can make however many they want.

  1. They don’t cost money
  2. They are an actual part of the game
  3. They are easy to host
    And things like that

  1. true
  2. true
  3. true
    … It’s gonna be hard finding players when They all have their own server… Hmph


Holy cow, there’s a LOT of Cloud servers out there! I think we’ll get to 10000 before we know it…:eek:

And we’ll still get a lot of players, if we make a good thread in the forums. :smiley:


Can you change the name of my server during this transition? It’s a little too personal…


Yes we can change your server name, email support at before you migrate and I’ll change it for you


Thanks so much!!! You guys are awesome :-))


When copying a server to cloud, will the server loose everything or will it remain as it was before the migrating to cloud.


It will remain as it was with all of its contents when migrated to the cloud.


I plan on migrating Rabbithole after the android users are able to play on cloud servers.

But I have a question. I think it’s pretty unique to Rabbithole, but the server has two permanent ghosts, Lila and Eric. They were the extra blockheads belonging to White Rabbit when she uploaded her single player world to way back when. Well, they used to just hang out underground, not doing much but stand and sleep. Now, with death, they have respawned and just stand on the spawn portal and sleep, stand, starve to death, respawn, over and over.

Might there be a way to remove them during the migration?


I find the ghosts really cool :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, email support at when you’re ready to migrate and we’ll migrate it for you and remove the ghosts :slight_smile:


Oh great. I’ll let you know. Goodbye Lila and Eric, you will be missed.

You do? When were you on Rabbithole? Most people are creeped out by them and they keep fast forward sleeping from working, (unless you kill them both first, heh)


I have a cloud sever that I’m going to get rid of unless we get a control panel, it was in fact a test server for beta testing.


I was on rabbit hole the other day (I applied via email) IGN:Changeit


Ah, ok. Now I put your “name” with your “face”. Thanks.


Why do we have to pay time crystals in order to run our servers, instead of getting paid time crystals or not having to do anything? That is the reason why I am not creating a server.


Well, because mayby Dave wants some money?