It's time to migrate from BlockServer to the cloud


Servers COST Dave to run , so if they were all simply free without tcs or anything like that , it would overflow Dave with servers he has to run, he’s already running 4000+ cloud servers , which is ALOT imagine all the money he’s wasting on this, he needs some in return! :0


Servers have always had a cost to run. But as awesome as was (and is), you needed credit of some sort to start a server. That, and the fact that most servers were hosted on newer Macs were limiting factors for the number of available servers.

But with the new update, for 2000 TCs (via an iTunes card), I can host a server from my iPad. The result is way more servers to choose from, and (hopefully) something for everyone. Why WOULDNT we want that?


Cricket griefer allert

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Thank ya Dave!..




I think CrazyCat meant the sound of crickets chirping.

cricket cricket awkward silence. :D:D:D:p;)


Lol that moment :stuck_out_tongue:
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Awkward… Lol


Ohhh, yeah, ok, that makes more sense :smiley:



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Copy to Cloud click
"Server Error (500)"
Help me


Email support directly and you may get quicker assistance.


Jemnidad, congrats on the custom rank!


Email support directly and you may get quicker assistance.


Thanks cockroach.


This is frustrating, I can’t find my cloud name and cloud support id, so I can transfer to cloud


Your cloud name is the name you use when you join a game in the cloud, your player name.

Support Id is at the bottom of the Help / Credits screen (a button in the ingame pause menu)


In the game pause menu go to Help/Credits and scroll all the way to the bottom. That is your support ID. Your cloud name is the name you use to play on cloud worlds.


Thanks so much!! that worked awesome, now how long does it take to transfer because I still have yet to be able to find it.


Are you transferring a world or crystals? For your crystals you’ll need to restart the app, for the world it will take about 10-15minutes.