It's time to migrate from BlockServer to the cloud


The only thing i think they should add in cloud is the /reset-owner command, there are way more hackers these days :confused:


Really what they need to do those things to give you back the access of adding a credit card direct to the account just add money Adhan servers and all that like they used to have what they’ve done now is just so confusing


Which part are you finding confusing? All servers now run on time crystals instead of dollars. The fact we have 10 times the number of servers online now than we did previously (now around 2000), shows that most people like it :slight_smile:


Yeah but what you is fail to realize is the fact that now that you put it on time crystals I am putting more time crystals more money for the time crystal than what I was to just put money directly onto the account so thanks a lot man now I can’t just add $5 the account and run it for 2 weeks now I can’t just add $10 to the accounts and run it for a whole month know oh wait no it wasn’t it was 50 dates for $10 now are you still in crystals its 30 days instead of 50 so yeah thanks a lot for ripping me off

Oh and just let you know what part confuses me it goes down to the fact that I go to create a server I can’t even edit my welcome page I can’t even figure out how did you know readd people to my server or No what people were on my server like I could last time because I had my server attached to my account and now its not

You really want to know the part that confuses me what confuses me as I make a server off the time crystals can you can edit my welcome page can’t even find out who’s all going on my server can’t even find out how to readd people voted on private so yeah thanks a lot for making it confusing especially beans when was attached to my account I could do all that stuff now I don’t even know how

Oh and another thing when someone’s B and especially beans the band for stealing stuff you should make it to wear winter band other stuff pops either in your inventory and you’re the host or pops in front of you in a Chester that would be really helpful


Um. With $10, (assuming the costs arent that different in euros) you can buy the 3000 package AND the 200 package, giving you… 44 days of time. Sure, you get more days if you would pay 20 cents for a day, but if we go to $22, you get 150 days of time, while blockserver gives you 110. And that’s not all. If you watch all 5 free TC ads, you already get 100 per day, enough to continously fund a server if you don’t spend it on anything else. And with a diamond pick, you also get lots of TC from mining.
Edit: I don’t really understand what you’re saying in the second messange. If you are on a phone, please try turning off autocorrect, because it seems to have caused some odd sentences.


Also, if you simply use 2000 tcs for 1 month, it is likely that others will also put tc on the credit before you run out, leaving you with some free tc to make stuff, teleport, or open up another server.


Um, rezzallday, watch your language, you’re using some really nasty words. It’s really disrespectful to zhaus, Dave, Milla, and the rest of the Blockheads team as well when you use those words towards them. If you don’t like the fact that you’re needing to spend more now (which I don’t think so), then go do something else, but don’t be so rude and harsh towards the good, hardworking people who made this game.


No one is ripping you off. They’re hosting the server for you, and simply changed how the payment was accepted. You can always host your own blockheads server for free. Until my Mac crashed, I was hosting about 8-10 worlds.


Time crystals may be gained by watching videos and mining as well as by purchase. We are in no way trying to rip you off, but to make worlds an option for more people. Many of our gamers can’t make in-app purchases, because they are children, and we wanted a platform that allowed them to save up and get a world of their own using an in-game item.

Your welcome page may be edited from the pause menu -> options -> world options.

More owner options are on their way.

I’m not clear about what your last two paragraphs are about, but if you would like to clarify perhaps we can help with them too.

In future please post courteously. Our community policy is one of respect and kindness, and everyone has to adhere to that. Please also edit your post to add further content, rather than posting a string of posts.


Okay for one I was only talking to one of your si business profession you do not involve other people into someone else’s conversation. So that is unprofessional and you’ve done said it yourself you’re spending more money when you’re doing it this way so don’t tell me you’re not spending more money when fact you are…on the second part I can even edit my welcome message on my game are see who’s all has join are left cuz its not connected to my account on my blockserver list and next time don’t involve everyone that’s unprofessional of you and the rude and yes I did have a foul language in that was my bad I am sorry but next time don’t involve the whole staff some professional on y’all’s part oh and hear something I would like to see in the game now you’ve done a lot of good things to it but when someone gets banned have all of there items pop up in a chest in front of you would love to see that I have had people steal my treasure so sorry for the language but I do have issues with this new change

Sorry and thanks butt tried that with the welcome page and it didn’t work

When I do that I got view welcome message and that’s it I’m on an Android phones the Moto G


Do you wish for our support and help?


Milla’s a staff member here, and the only reason we were all replying to you is because we wanted to try to help you. If you just wanted a response from the developer, you’d probably have to wait days, maybe even more. Milla is not unprofessional, she’s a good responsible forum moderator. And another reason why we all got involved? You posted it on a public thread where everyone could see. If you just want a certain person to see it, send them a private message. But don’t be disrespectful, not to Milla, not to any of us on these forums.


Could his problems be because he’s on Android?


It might be. He’d need to contact Noodlecake if that’s the case.


Since there are a lot of former TC hackers using their TC for bad, there are too many cloud servers and too little players. Is there a solution to this?


Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to go to space in 1.6?


Sorry if this has been mentioned , how do i migrate a world that has already run out of credits to cloud ? Since its already creditless i am unable to start and stop it…


Contact BlockServer support, they can do it for you.


Okay that’s all cool and all but I still can’t edit my my world’s welcome page there’s still no edit option


Go to pause, options, world options, edit.