It's time to migrate from BlockServer to the cloud


Errr… How do I move my world to the cloud? Did I start my world at the time when they are created already in the cloud? I think support is going to hear from me, yet again… :stuck_out_tongue:


Which world is this? I’m support, so I can save you an email :slight_smile:


im out of credit, can you pls migrate my worlds “thehaven” and “ironcity” (which were running before, ran out a couple days before migration), for me? cynthia1 is the username ill use if u can perhaps make me owner majicdave?


That kind of move needs the intervention of zhaus. You might like to drop him a line :slight_smile:


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that was before. it may have changed now that cloud has taken over.


Since the clouds worlds are up, there is lessing players playing each server.
Which is what I really hate.


i think thats one of the main things that people dont like about cloud servers.
the problem is that cloud servers really dont cost that much if you watch videos a lot. you can get a week in about a months worth of videos. so all the players are buying their own servers and then spending time on their own server and none on anyone elses.


Yep, it’s so easy to make a server and it seems like everyone’s doing it nowadays, but still. Blockheads is also getting more popular so it balances out at least a little. If not then at least less players per server means less lag… Also, I have a server but I spend way more time on other people’s servers, athough this certainly isn’t the case with most server owners.


Thing is you NEED time crystals on your own server to keep it running. And with 20TCs/video and 5 videos/day it’s possible to run a server on videos but you can’t spend it on anything else.


I just buy 10000 time crystals whenever I get a gift card and want to spend. Hosting problem sorted.


Yep, that’s if the owner is providing all of the credit. It seems like a lot of servers are mostly supported by other players. One big fan of your server could mean three more months of credit because some people are very, very, generous. Acorn Valley would’ve been shut down like 5 months ago if it weren’t for nice people constantly adding credit to it because there’s no way I could’ve afforded the tc to keep it running for that long.


Can you add bombs in the game there is not alto of hostile mobs so pox add zombie’s. Thank you

So can we

I meant zombie’s or like more hostile mobs lol


That breaks two rules. First, no chain posting. Use the edit button. Second, suggestions go in the suggestions forum.


Sorry I Wes just asking if you can add some zombie or some killing mob’s. It can make people like the game more and me.:grinning:

So can you plx


You just dod the same thing again.

If you would like zombies to be added to the game, go to the Suggestions forum and make athread abkut it, dont just post here.

A post that just says “so can you plx” is a useless post, especially when the post right before it is your own from less than an hour ago. Instead of posting twice in a row with no posts between yours, press the edit button on your post (found by the bottom right-hand corner of your post).

Also, I recommend you go to Meta and read the stickied threads, mainly “THE BLOCKHEAD FORUMS AND YOU: PLEASE READ”.


Ok sorry

I just Wes asking if its possible


You did it again. Please, [U]do not[/U] double post.


Ok sorry will not do it again


Will my single player still stay forever:confused:???