Jetpacks or Unicorns?

With one do you guys think is better? Jetpacks or Unicorns? Please post the answer and make sure to explain why!

Also, here is a poll so I can keep track.

  • Jetpacks
  • Unicorns

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Unicorns from what I’ve heard, but I’ve never ridden one. So i’ll go jetpacks

jetpacks are more practical, they do not require rainbow cakes, you do not need to breed anything to get it, and it doesnt take too long, you can buy one from a trade portal, but you cant buy unicorns, they only require fuel when flying and dont need to be given food/fuel every once in a while when not used, they also provide the same protection as a carbon chestplate, a unicorn doesnt prove any and can be easily killed.


Jet packs! Sorry unicorns, jets are just easier to get from a trade portal.

  • Jetbacks.
  • Unicorns.

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  • Jetcorns
  • Unipacks

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Unicorns are soo cute, but jetpacks are more efficient in my opinion.

Unicorns of course, because… you’re riding on a sparkle-emitting unicorn, people!!
Where is the question?!! :joy:

Also, unlike jetpack, you can wear a fur coat while riding, so you can be warm while flying around “majically”.


I fast think about this poll since you can ride on a shark underwater and you can only use a boat to cross the oceanand using the boat while fishing too and for the race.

About Shark hard to tamed but it’s worth it fast as you think always hungry X I don’t know if shark will protect you when someone hurt you I think and Shark is really good for racing.

  • Boat
  • Riding on a Shark

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When I’m working, I prefer jetpacks, they are more practical. Unicorns are for fun, and they are really cool. Jetpacks are just dull now we have unicorns.

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Jetpack its been a while but cool even its old hehe. The thing I loved on unicorns the special one that can jump unlimited what ever you wanted just swipe up and unicorn will jump and when you stop jumping unicorn will just fall down slowly.

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I never ridden a unicorn before…
So jetpacks

I love them both equally. But I will go with the ol’ 1.6 jetpack.

Jetpacks for the win!

exactly plus they are cute and adorable


Sharks are fun to ride… but you still get “love bites” from other sharks… in a boat you are safe. So, sadly, I need to pick boats.


Unicorns are a lot faster than jet pack. You don’t need any fuel but they are expensive.

I am going to calculate which is cheaper in the long run.

These calculations will be done with the assumption that jetpacks consume fuel at the same rate the unicorn consumes rainbow cakes, that the necessary benches are already owned, and that coal and other bench-fuel is not an issue. The last thing that will not be accommodated in these calculations is the inflation from buying in bulk. All prices are done in terms of gc

These calculations will also be done with the trade portal prices as of 4/2/2018 4:41 pm EST
The prices that are the most desirable will be in bold (i.e. the things you will want to buy from the trade portal.

ALRIGHT!! Halfway there!! Time for the Rainbow Cake stuff

What this means is that the Jetpack is significantly more expensive than the Rainbow Cakes. However, we have yet to factor in the fact that both unicorns and jetpacks need fuel. I will calculate the amount of time that jetpacks will have to be flown for them to be more cost effective than Rainbow Cakes. As we found out earlier, It is cheaper to buy the ingredients for cakes and fuel so the amount will be 1.282 Gold Coins for 1 Rainbow Cake and 0.10 for 1 Fuel. We are also going to assume that the unicorn was rude and needed the 5 Rainbow Cakes to get fully tamed.

So the formulas will be:

Y = 1.282x + 6.41

Y = .1x + 3585.38

These lines intersect at (3027.8934, 3888.16934). What this means is that it will take 3028 refuellings/refeedings for the jetpack to be more cost effective than the unicorn. By that time, the jetpack is inevitable to be broken so the unicorn is always going to be cheaper…provided you can find one :wink: Thank you for your time. Let me know if there are any mistakes or clarifications that I need to make.

P.S. This took me like 2 hours where is my trophy lol



Great research though. 10/10


jet packs are too hard to make
there made out of mechanical stuff

unicorns are easier
their made out of… rainbows… and flesh

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