Join our server-- CITY OF BLOCKS

Hey guys, I just created a new server, what’s special about this server is that there are four jobs: Farmer, Miner, Hunter amd Builder, Each job have different task, and you have to work in order to earn money, thus by your supplys and play. Here are some information about this server.
name: City of blocks
owner: Danb531
admin: ASPX, Gtfbae, VLLVLLVLL, and Taorous4
p,s: Join our discord group:

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is this a cloud server?

what is a cloud server? sorry my english is not that good

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did you pay money to start it?

Are there any rules that we must abide by?

yes i did

there are some, aside from no hacking spamming and swearing.

  1. Player must build their own house on sky island or place wood door instead of iron door if you want to build it on the ground.
    2.When you join the server, please ask the admin to get your starter and choose your job.
  2. Do NOT by stuff in trade portal for paying your job ( like buying apple in the trade and sell it for job)
    Other detail information is in the welcome message!

I’ve been on before- its really good :slight_smile:

oh yeah I remenbered you, feel free to come back whenever you want

This sounds awesome! Where do I join?

Just search the name you will see