Joining cloud servers by laptop

i’ve been clicking on a link to join a cloud server, but it won’t allow me. are laptops only for playing on mac servers?

You can’t join any server on a laptop

wdym i can join random servers lol

Are you using bluestacks or another emulator?

They are unsupported and aren’t reliable. Blockheads on PC isn’t supported by MajicJungle.

im using google play

Nox Emulator works completely fine for Blockheads to play on PC.

The Android version in general is unreliable.

So long as your virtual device can connect correctly (as though it is a real mobile device) with our servers you will be able to play on them. If it doesn’t we can’t help you with that. The game is engineered to run on the Android and iOS platforms on mobile hardware, not on a virtual device.

You can’t play on a mac or pc! :slight_smile: :stare: :what:

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It’s probably a emulator