Just a post about reflections

So, if anyone is an old player and been around for any changes… what do you miss most or what do you wish could be brought back?(besides TC being a credit source)

Trash machines


Lol now it’s just trash holes, and that takes a while to make


At least with those you can trash benches.

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Using doors?


I kinda liked not having to worry about breeding. I also kinda liked the old texture pack, back when they advertised the hd one for 7 dollars. I’ve grown to like the new one though.

Weeel, it’s not new. It’s the HD one :upside_down_face:

The economy. Not just joining a server and immediately having everything you could ever possibly need.

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buyin golden beds from tp’s. it saved me so much time from makin them, especially when I was in a hurry and my bh was exhausted.

I feel ya there XD

Ive been waiting for this post so i could rant about it again.

The old style man, i liked the pixel-esque style that the older versions had before the more recent ones, i just wish we had an option to switch back to it instead of having to deal with this cheap looking menus and interface.


The ability to breathe underwater by breaking blocks.

Oh is that not a thing anymore??!

I donr believe so, you can however replenish your air in both space and the sea by eating seaweed

Making coffee without using an electric stove.

This isn’t really about the game itself, but I really miss all the people that used to play. There was this one server I used to play on all the time, and I made so many good friends. It lost credit and people left. Now I can’t find them.

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Since I started playing (second month it came out) I have gained and lost so many precious friends, I totally feel you there. Oh if you need a server mines always open, it’s called “Lici’s anime rp”, if you join make sure to mention that you’re from the forum. I mean unless you’re against anime idrk. XD