Just curious

I’m wondering what the thing is by someone’s name is and how they get it. For example, jemnidad has the Handcar Tester by his name. I’m just wondering what it is, and how you get it.

That comes with being a regular trust level, I believe.

Members with the regular trust level will have “Regular” by their name. Beta testers and other select forums members have custom titles granted to them by Milla.


OH OK! Thank you Ingeniare

Weren’t some of the custom titles old titles from when people got to choose what showed up next to their name? I know now that option doesn’t exist anymore (for most people at least) but I heard stories :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I guess not. Seems like previously milla said beta testers or members of the community who have made extraordinary contributions :slight_smile:

I think they’re all beta testers

If youre regular you just have “regular” near ur name

Not all of them though.

Who isn’t?