Just got a fiber connection, willing to host a few worlds

Although it seems these are basically abandoned, I wanted to start by mentioning that I’m still hosting Catpines, Ilyrandar, SN-Block, and Pie Games.

As the title mentions, I just upgraded to a fiber optic connection. My speed test showed 3ms ping and about 1gbit up and down. I also updated my computer to a Mac Pro (2013 garbage can) with 64gb of RAM. If my old Mac Mini could host well enough, this should do just fine.

I’m happy to host a few more servers if anyone would like one (first come, first serve). I’m not going to guarantee they’ll never be down, because power outages do happen, but both my computer and the router are on a UPC, so there will be some protections.

I’ll start with offering 5 slots. If you’d like one, please comment below. I’ll PM the first 5 for now - maybe will get more in the future - so be thinking about what setting you’d like - whitelisted? Public? Username to admin?

I won’t be offering rollbacks or anything bot related - just barebones hosting.


You bought a 2013 trash can Mac Pro with 64GB of RAM just to host a few Blockheads servers?

Now that is some dedication I unironically like to see! :smiley:


It wasn’t -just- for Blockheads :wink: I’m also hosting a few Minecraft servers, although I rarely do updates, unless the kids pester me enough.

It was actually to replace my old Mac Mini that’s now a dedicated Plex server (media is stored on an old 8 bay Drobo, using about 11Tbs of 18Tbs total available [until I start swapping out some of the 3Tb drives for 6Tb drives…] with a redundancy system so any 2 of the 8 drives could fail at any given time, and I wouldn’t lose any information).


Uhhh…a survival server, named Christophisis Fjiords! That is my suggestion for this:

Slightly off topic but is this a typo (is it meant to say fjord)?

fjords yes ( oops i said it wrong first time)

I don’t know too much about Mac servers, but I would like to request one.

Me and my gf plan to play on a private server (could be whitelisted), it’s her first time playing and I want it to be a new world, vanilla and not too hard to set up.

It’s ok if you’re unavailable for this types of servers but I’ll check around.

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actually, the name would be chistophisis because with fjords the name is too long

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Just double checking - you don’t want a server, right? I did just say generically to comment after all and would hate to be making assumptions just because you’re established.

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Yeah, I don’t want a server.

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did you get my pm tanooki?

I’ve briefly powered up the UPS my router is plugged into, so I could get online. I’ve been without power for about 25 hours now, and will likely remain so for another 24 hours or so. So my worlds are offline.

Our town currently has no data reception, so I can’t even get online via 4G. I will be powering down the UPS so it still has battery if I need it later.

Update - they say we’ll get power back Saturday, best case scenario. At least they restored the cell network so I can get online with my phone again.

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Now they’re saying Tuesday. Apparently just a few blocks south of me doesn’t just have downed lines, but has a lot of downed poles.


You can have those kinds of problems with fiber? Are the fiber optic cables underground?

He doesn’t have power.

@milla, if the fiber optic cables are underground, wouldn’t they be unaffected by the downed lines/poles?

Well don’t they rely on power?

They transmit light, not power.

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