Just wondering, is pirating world credit "legal"?

i don’t want to name the specific person, but i got into a discussion (or rather argument LOL) about someone trying to justify using a very common jailbreaking tweak for pirating in-app purchases (this case for world credit). i was telling them that it was piracy, but then they started to justify it by saying its… legal? and that “It only works on certain games where the game dev allows it”…
??? like, a broken payment system doesnt justify you abusing it

now back to my original question… is piracy “legal” ?

(i made this post as a joke, and there was a bit more to it but this is what just occured and i found it hilarious so its here now anyway)


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Pirating In general is illegal. I am not condoning this, but man, it can save you money on movies and TV.


I am condoning it

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Technically yes, it is illegal, but I doubt Dave is actually going to sue you or something for it.

So this begs the classic question: “Is it really illegal if you won’t ever actually get into legal trouble for it?”

Is that a classic question? I just thought illegal meant…idk, unlawful? Dishonest? Against the rules?
Does the word “illegal” need to include being apprehended for breaking the rules, not just the breaking part?

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it’s not a crime if you never get caught bro


Hence the classic thought experiment regarding the definition of legality: Is an unenforced law really a law at all? That is to say, if we don’t enforce a law, does it really carry any weight? Furthermore, if we say an unenforced law is void, then is breaking said law an really illegal act?

To be clear, I discourage pirating in-game currency or any readily available software, but there isn’t really a strong legal basis to the argument.

That’s a rather blunt way to put it, and legally one might say that is true. But there are all sorts of moral implications and stuff that make this real confusing. I’m talking 20+ page philosophical essay type implications here, so I won’t bother trying to elaborate because I don’t really want to author that essay.


I have little to no morals so it’s cool


that’s only slightly concerning

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strongly agreed

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No. Hence the name.

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I wasn’t wondering about that, I was just wondering about the word as a word, not as an action/philosophy. Anyways didn’t mean to take us off-topic, I forget that the internet is a dictionary lol, so I found my answer.
side note, why did autocorrect turn ‘dictionary’ into ‘dis Fiona day’. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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thats as i assumed, also, is it possible to create private forums on this site? id show you some of what this person said specifically because they’ve done some sus things on this game

You could direct message her. By the way, what were they doing that you think is bad?

The bad thing is that they were pirating world credit.

It seems as if there’s more though.

Today and yesterday in my Ed rising class we were talking about “are rules necessary” and we decided it boils down to “why can’t we teach _______ so rules aren’t necessary?” (Many things can go in the blank like respect or trust) I think this fits well with this topic because rules don’t work without consequences I’m partly quoting my teacher but I agree with him so yes it’s illegal but for some reason if there’s no consequences then so many people don’t care

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ok then