Keys for doors

Continuing the discussion from Doors with Passcodes: I have a idea. What about keys?

Keys would be made in a metalwork bench using 1 iron ingot. This would make a uncut key. So go to a Craft Bench Lv3 to make a (cut) key.

By simply pressing on a door, a interface will come up showing if the door is locked or not and the power to lock door if you are the owner of the wooden door.

No one apart from admins can now enter that door.


That is an excellent idea but there is one flaw, if more then one person has the key, someone could kill them on a pvp server and kill the player to steal the key, and if a player loses his key he will no longer be able to open the door. And unless there are ownership signs, people can break right through the wall, and if there are ownership signs, you can just use an iron door instead of crafting a key for a normal wooden door. But it is still a good idea since in a trade portal iron doors are much more expensive than wooden ones, and it could be a good way to save money if the resources needed to craft the key are less expensive then buying an actual iron door.

I think that would be a good thing; either make copies of your key or don’t carry it around on PvP servers. It would differentiate keys from an iron door.

The key will not drop if someone is killed on PvP, the key will be with them when they finish regening.


but what if a person has lots of key locked doors? would the keys be different colors so you know?

Maybe you could put a short name on the key and door to help remember. When you place down the door, it’ll prompt you to put in a name. The key will be named the same thing.

Maybe there could be some kind of namer?

Will the keys stack? It would be a pain to try to open all.

@EpicGamer101 If they don’t stack, won’t you run out of spaces for your stuff in the baskets? Also, how will you know which key is which since you can only see the picture of a key?

No, also you can’t buy it at tp.

I think that what @EpicGamer101 meant is that each player has a key that canopen all their doors, so it is less annoying and takes less space, you can correct me if I’m wrong.

Does that mean if he/she drops the key, and another greedy players picks it up, they can open any doors that “once” belong to the original player? Its a huge risk.

I always thought that was what steel doors and ownership signs were for.


That’s a good point @Dagger_Mace.

@EpicGamer101 What would happen if there is a connection issue and you lose the key? How will you get into your home?

What if you lose your basket with the key in it and get one of those dreaded unknowns! It will be gone forever. It happens way to often to take that chance.

Maybe its better to have different keys, and they would switch to the “first” of the key stack depending on how far you are from that door.

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Sorry I have not been on a lot and now I will answer your questions.

No one but you can use it. Such as if I dropped my key (in-game of course!) and someone picked it up. The key they picked up would be useless cos they did not make the keys.

Then if they throw it in the lava cause its useless, then you got a door that you can’t open and you would waste all that material since you would have to break it and throw it into the lava since it doesn’t have the key.

You could make a copy of it and maybe have a safe out side of your door or at least a hidden chest with a spare key

If only the person who crafted the key is able to use it, there is no point in crafting a physical item.
I always understood the benefit of keys (and passcodes) is that you can give them to friends.


what if when you make a door, and a key, there is a key bench, where it keeps track of all the keys you’ve ever made (only on that server though) and you could delete key plans of keys that you dont want to use anymore.