King of the Forums!

Μου should be king because I have an IQ of 130~ :))))))))

I should be king because imma dude plus a dope knight

i should be king becuase im a random capitalist guy.

I should be the king’s advisor. The real power behind the throne.
I laugh and watch as you scramble for the monarchy, all the while forgetting that you are just a figurehead.

I should really get out more…

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I should be king so we can spread communism

I should be king so we can spread republicism.

I wanna spread capitalism


capitalism is the way to go!

  • Be capitalist.
  • Be capitaIist.

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  • Be a capitalist pig
  • Be a proud communist

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I should be king of the forums cause I stepped on a lego.

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try stepping on a spike

So much talk about politics.

no politics ppl!

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Bing bing bong bong
You know what that is right?
bing bing biingbingbingbing bing bong bong, bing bing bong bing bong bong bing bing bong bing bong

I recently posted no politics allowed.

Please remove that.

@Tueflisch either that Disney movie or Family Guy. Or both.

Is donel trum when he sign

I’m not sure I understand.

Donald Trump?

I think I should be king beacuase my profile picture is delightful.