Kingdom Of Freedom

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Hey everyone! New players, this is a server where u can start off your tulip breeding, pets taming, crafting items, earning money and more! When u spawn in remember to ask an active admin for 1 free PlatinumCoin as a starter. There is a shop at spawn selling GoldChest and Stones so u can craft your very new PortalChest to start off!


Breaking rules can lead u to kick, demotion or even ban!

  • Do not swear on the server. Please treat people like u would like to be treated and respect them…

  • Hacking and duping is not allowed. The server is made for legit players to do tulip breeding, taming pets, crafting items, earning money and more!

  • Do not creat unnecessary lag on the server becuase it can hurt other wingysams hosted servers. Lagging could include too many fruits dropping from tree’s, too many light sources, draining water, ect, ect.

  • Impropriate stuff which is not safe for kids is not allowed like nude photos, sexual content, impropriate roleplays/behaviour, dating and ect.

  • Do not spam in chat and confuse and disturb everyone.

  • Using of hacked iteams are not allowed. This includes supershop, unknowns and ect, ect.

  • Advertising not allowed. U are just literally stealing my people.

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Owner: Build itme | Rules: Vanilla | Size: 16x |

I’m in need of helpers to help me out buidling the server please PM me if u are interested.

Who made the logo?

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I will let you figure that out yourself :wink:

Progress so far

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wow!, can i join?

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Server is not open yet but if u would like to help feel free to PM me.

ok, sure!

i would love to help!