It would be cool if we could rename items like Minecraft. And that those renamed items do not merge with other items that are the same thing.

I would recommend organizing your stuff in chests and then putting signs (labels) under those chests.

Already tried that, the signs we’re too large

Would be. Though I’m not expecting any major blockheads update anytime soon. Or ever (again) for the matter…

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If you make the sign take up 2 blocks, then put 2 chests on top of the sign, then you can use 1 sign to label 2 chests (and it should not take up to much space)


Try using display cabinets at the top row with columns of chests below.

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I made this suggestion because i found out that Chests works as Shulker Boxes, like if you put anything in a Chest then Break the Chest, the items will be there when u place the Chest, Chest With Items can be placed in Chests also.
Edit + SideNote: you can say that the Shulker Boxes are Backpacks in case you don’t know what a Shulker Box is

Uh why would the items disappear?
I bet it would get laggy if it did

I would like to be able to rename things in Blockheads. But what’s annoying is, when you get an unknown for any reason, it’ll mix in with the other things that look like it, so you might have a stack of safes that have one unknown in them.