Lag Reduction - Suggestion

Though i don’t see this being worked on into the game. it would be great for people to be able to disable or change some aspects of the game like animations and such to reduce lag in the game.

You would be able to disable/change the following

-Some Animations (campfires, lava, clouds, etc)
-Particle Effects
-Some Bright Lighting sources (would still amit light, but wouldn’t be as intense)
-Amount of benches (min: 25)
-Fruits Dropping from trees
-Amount of blockheads on screen (min: 5)
-Water Flowing Animations. (instantly hits the ground/flattens once placed/removed, but also adds ‘optional’ 3-5 second cooldown between bucket placements for server owners)
-Amount of entities on screen at once (animals, items, etc)

All of these would also be able to be altered in servers.


I made a suggestion for a button to remove all dropped items!


Do you mean if there are more than 3 dropped items in a block, it should appear as one?

How would benches cause lag?

Like a mob cramming feature? (Eg. No more than 4 mobs per block, if there are more than five, kill the animals in the block until it reaches 4?) or have a cap to mobs in 16 blocks squared?

Don’t forget about animated block textures! In theory, a crap ton of flywheels could cripple a server.

This would help with dropped item lag by a lot. If you can automate it to clear all dropped entities every five minutes, that help with de-lagging the server.


yes, i hate lag :slight_smile:

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I could totally get on board with most of these. If Dave reverted back to before the advanced shading, particle effects, wind, dropping fruit, etc. and reduced the lag to a playable state, I would be a happy camper (and handcar rider).


What about shadows? :thinking:

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You could also turn all mobs, plants, trees, and Blockheads into static sprites, turn off water flow, and get seriously fabulous performance.


Well done Mr. Scott! Mr. Sulu take us to warp speed. Engage!

BTW, how is the Atari 2600 port coming along?