Land of paradise by Killerender120y. (Closing April 1st)



Welcome to Land of paradise, Created June 2014. (Formally known as Griffen-land)

Just a reminder: I the owner or any staff have the right to refuse anything for any reason and may leave under conditions where we may end up finding the player(s) to be a nuisance or if somehow we are annoyed. Take this in note.

You will spawn in with a flint spade, 5 coconuts, 1 steam locomotive, a basket, a handcar and dirt for a workbench. To find the items that you may need there is a shop under spawn where you can buy the basic building blocks for life at spawn. But this is only to be short lived as I encourage you to go out and build whatever you can far from the boundaries of spawn.

Server rules: Read them, otherwise you will be banned.

  1. Do not use any in-game exploits, cheats or duplication glitches. You will be instantly banned if caught. image

  2. Raiding, Griefing, and Stealing is allowed in the outer world (like far away or in freebuild). Unless the building is awaiting protection. (Also, do not grief the rails for the planned worldwide railway system.)

  3. Language that is (NSFW) or (Not Safe For Work) is not allowed, an example is the F-word. You will be banned for using this.

  4. Do not bully, harass or assault people. You will be banned if done.

  5. Do not date, mess around (in an 18+ manner) or any of that stuff, you will be banned from this server.

  6. Do not ask for admin, same goes for anything. You need to work for these types of things, not ask for them. (See Useful tips/FAQ page on how to earn mod or admin.) (you may ask for assistance around the map though)

  7. Do not spam the chat using emojis, or blank infinite text boxes. You will be banned if caught.

  8. Do not use the reports feature to send false reports, You will be instantly banned for false reporting even just one time!

If you do not read the rules you may be warned, or even banned from the server. In severe cases you may even be cloud-banned. So behave yourselves and read the rules.

World rules:
CREATED: JUNE 04, 2014. 20:39
SEED: 1401928756

List of donors:

Please do not ask people mentioned on this list to add credit to your server, nor attack them for not adding credit. Or you may be banned from this server and those servers who you attacked the owner of.

-Joe/Joeu (added 30 days of credit twice)
-Anonymous donor (added 30 days of credit)
-Anonymous donor (added 30 days of credit)
-Porky The Chop (added 30 days of credit, and a week of credit)
-Bibliophile (added 30 days of credit)

Info like BotCMDS, directory, etc will be in the worlds welcome message, rules last updated 11/29/2018.

Staff application form:

Past names:
Griffin land, Griffin-land, Griffen land, Griffen-land, Griffen-land one

Current name:
Land of paradise

Assorted Servers
To all griffenland players, @Legoboy70
Looking for a Custom Server
Giving away server credit!
Ultimate 1.7 Cloud & Mac Server List (Staying/Closing/Upcoming): Continually Updated



maybe add stuff to make people want to revive the server?
such as builds, and idea of how the server works, where to build, moderation, promotion availability, etc


I think you are allowed to build anywhere unprotected. I will allow that but if this is revived I will start hiring staff for the time.

The server was originally economy themed in 2017 until I just constantly lost connection so I closed the server. I opened it awhile ago but not adding credit to it.

I think maybe this could be a freebuild server.


Problem. The server is out of credit


That what sunnyperson wants he wants someone to add credit on his server


Maybe if somehow I can reduce the amount of lag I can reopen this world and maybe even fund it for a while.


If anyone is willing to help out on credit I will greatly honor them, maybe even admin them to help out to restore what once was. If It goes out I will try my best to reduce lag maybe with help.

I am thinking maybe that if it all goes well I could try to put in some money to fund the server.


Let me know if anyone adds credits so I can check it out


[quote=“Legoboy70, post:9, topic:72056, full:true”]
If anyone is willing to help out on credit…[/quote]

Done. Play on players. :+1:t2:


Thanks so much joe! you didn’t have to do it though if you didn’t want too. but thank you anyway :slight_smile:


It’s much less fun If I have to do it. :joy:


somehow recovered this photo of the old logo. you can notice a few differences between the old and the new.

This is the old logo, made in November 2017

This is the new logo, made yesterday or the 15th of September.

Edit October 15 2018: added new golden logo, made either yesterday or a few days ago

I have made jarlpenguin admin.


Think I removed about every spec of paint at spawn, just doing it is a nightmare :confused:


Just a reminder that if I do add credit I only have about 5 dollars in my bank so I will not be able to go to Christmas so for a period of time until maybe Christmas I have to leave the server out of credit until I can get an iTunes card to credit the world.

Edit: Now heres the plan, I will allow trade portals to be free as long as no one builds titanium structures or any mess we have to clean up. You may do it 200 tcs away from spawn but not near it.


I should be able to donate once more between now and Christmas.


You’re so kind.


I dont mind helping to support servers I’m interested in.


Taking a look back I remember building a complex called “griffin-door”. No pun intended.

It still is beautiful with the lake.

You may request to live here although there are plots to build at if you wish.

Only Harry Potter fans will get what I mean by no pun intended.


If anyone has a good way to reduce or stop lag in a certain area please do because I have one area to the right toward the remains of a past mountain that just lags and disconnects at random.