Land of paradise by Killerender120y. (Closing April 1st)



Yeah, the fire station will hopefully help prevent this from ever happening again.


This is what De-Nim looks like for those of you that might’ve recognized a man like this or might recognize him in the future. Please keep an eye out for him.
De-Nim was also caught by a CCTV camera, which is where the image in the middle of the wanted poster came from. When officials went to the area where the CCTV camera was to capture De-Nim, he was nowhere in sight, other than the sign that he put there, which can be seen in the surveillance image below. According to the sign, De-Nim claims to be innocent, but that seems very unlikely, considering he was in prison and managed to escape. A strand of De-Nims hair was found near the area of the sign. Officials say that it smelled like burnt wood and was slightly charred. People are dismissing it as nothing though, and that’s probably the case. The search for De-Nim will continue on.


GriffenDoor has begun the process of rebuilding, the apartment complex may be closed for a while and there are plans to make upgrades.

Here are the images of it.


I don’t know what has been going on…other than people who come on…tell someone they need help or want some item or other and then bad mouth me when I don’t help…I can’t help I tell them…by then they log off never to be seen again…I try to watch others work while i am meditating however my game usually crashes because i am zoomed too far away…blah…argh…so frustrating.

I wish I had seen who vandalized wumbos property…

now we are whitelisted again and I have days and days of traveling on this server…

Meamamma1024- Meme


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I guess I “vandalized” my own property then. :joy:


As a reminder that vandalizing property is an offense that can lead to ban. Please do not try doing it.

I whitelisted the server because someone was coming in and writing offensive/inappropriate things on the spawn signs. I plan to reopen Land of paradise in march to hopefully get whoever was doing it out of the world.


I didn’t vandalize it. I just packed up my stuff and left because you said that Griffendoor was getting moved.


I know, I was talking to the other person.

Anyway this treeshop by @potato4 to the —> of spawn is now my build of the day :slight_smile:


Server News:

I didn’t want to announce this, but with how things are going at the moment and me wanting things beside an iTunes card on Easter. I may have to cut all loses with land of paradise in June.

Plus I am afraid the game may rip me off again, it really isn’t worth donating anymore because when I donated in the past it ripped me off.

So I will keep this server up until June 5th. If donations come in.

I am sorry I had to announce it, but it had to be done.

But do not get your hopes down, I will still have land of paradise running up and running. As a Mac server named land of paradise 2 soon.

I hope you can understand. Any donations are welcome, just until June and that’s it.


Just Fyi, when the servers doomsday comes ima prob donate two months IF i know that someone else will add a third


I can donate…I don’t know how…I have 26 points on the server…the owner can have…I don’t use them…also cost wise how much is it?


I mean donate to the server as of credit with real money.


That’s why I asked how?..I don’t know how…I lay on android…I have played single player for years…this is my first server world…never paid.
Also how much per month is it?


You tap the portal, then the gold clock icon, then press the button that allows you to donate.

And the price for a month is $3.00 USD


Server news:

I forgot to announce this, but wumbojumbo not long ago built a prison and I helped renovate it a little. So here it is :slight_smile:

5/3/2019 (Is it in May, or March?)


Important news:

We have a little script kiddie/hacker on our hands on this server, please keep an eye on people and PM me if you catch anyone hacking.

It is important that we get this hacker caught and sent to the right place. So please give me all the information you can get


I was trying to get on but it was whitelisted.


I think it’s in March.


To make sure people are safe with a permanent whitelist i will put this vote here.

So i can know if i really should.

Do you want it to be put into place?

  • Yes
  • No

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