Land of paradise by Killerender120y. (Custom World)



Server news:

I am now allowing the use of other things to receive things that normally cost points. To hopefully lessen the strain on points. I want points to be optional rather then required.

Ownership signs will now allow the use of other items but i have made it a twist.

It will require:
1 carbon black pigment, 2 marble white pigment, 5 gold ingots and 1 sign

The pigments are supposed to repersent what would be used to make the sign lettering.

And on the other hand should protection signs remain free on the first round?

  • Y-Yes
  • N-No

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H-Hyness-sama, Baka!

Sorry I had to do it, hehehe.


Okay, I went in and decided to build the bridge of Griffen-land a person named -=sofia=- never finished. And this is the result, had to go do the right side and some things. :slight_smile:

Though I mainly built another 50% -=sofia=- should deserve the credit for building what would become this.


Server news:

I am building something new which will have things from a past building relocated to this one, though the old one was planned to be expanded underground I thought it would be best to build a new one.

This will also give away to new things too. The old place that stored the items is planned to be demolished soon and turned into something else.

Here’s a picture

While on the other hand should freebuild be expanded to the left mountain?

  • Yes
  • No

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And should protection signs be rebanned in freebuild?

  • Yes
  • No

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Changing protection signs to be 10 points the first time, then 25.


I think that protection signs should be banned in the spawn island free build areas on the ground but if the building is far enough above the ground that a full grown pine tree’s top wouldn’t touch the building then protection signs should be allowed. In other words, i feel like there should be different building codes for the sky if it isnt already like that.


Though people may disagree on the polls I may end up going with yes then no


Then what was the point of the polls?


Just completed the new museum located at spawn station 2 to the —> and flattened the old one and the trading center.


What about T-Series?


Just pewdiepie

Also, something is happening at the ravine flyer deluxe.


Teaser one:


What if someone wants to go upwards and it fails?


It is a teaser of an upcoming track, though it is not finished and it is planned for june it just shows the work i have made


Working on the welcome message again and I made this happen. The genesis in TBOE’s Welcome message interfered with my logo


Update 2 on the WM: The welcome message is about almost finished. There may be a few things here and there that I need to do but anyway here is the picture


Alright, the new welcome message is slated to release shortly, if anyone cares about it. :slight_smile:

This update features a completely redesigned WM and heavy usage of tables.

All that is left is to update the map