Lapis lazuli


I have been wondering what lapis lazuli is and where to find it. I heard that it is a mineral so I dug for a long time and found a cave with it in there. I was about 100 blocks deep.


i think you post this in the wrong sub forums. I found my lapis lazuli at the top of the tallest mountain in my world!


What do you do with the lapis lazuli because I have heaps of it I just don’t know what to do with it


What do you do with the lapis lazuli because I have heaps of it I just don’t know what to do with it


It is used as a dye, and that’s about it. Very rare, and almost as useless.


I only ever found 1 block of Lapis Lazuli, and I believe it was fairly close to the surface, maybe in the first 25-50 blocks from the surface (hard to recall). It’s used as a blue dye.
As far as I know, clay is only found near the surface, and gold is found in the bottom 1/3 of the earth. Not sure if there’s any other materials that are restricted to certain locations.


I actually found my Lapis Lazuli at the base of a mountain I just overcome. Very surprised because it was only 3-5 blocks under the surface. About 5 Lapis Lazuli fairly close together.

As was said, it’s used as dye and nothing as else to my knowledge. But it’s a great colour I reckon.


Thanks, I still haven’t found one on my current world, so i’ll keep a close lookout for it! I’m about to attempt to walk around the entire world, so I guess I may find some!


Use the dye to make a paint and use it on your house. Nice little status symbol, showing how much of the rarest block you found.


Rarest block? Status symbol? Cool. Then behold my roof! LoL


Now you just need some Red Marble.


Got that too! Just sitting in a chest for now. I haven’t decided where or how to incorporate it.


I used mine to line my basement. That world got hit with a death star though. :wink:


It looks neat when you place it, and it can be used to make a beautiful blue pigment. Or, you could make a fake pool for whatever reason.


I found at least 30 down a rocky area. But have no idea what to do with them.


Welcome to the forums, Fern! You can make pigments out of lapis lazuli or simply use it for columns, stairs, and building. Pigment is crafted at a press, stairs and columns at a stonemason’s bench.


Lapiz can be used as dye or to decorate with blocks stairs and columns :slight_smile:
I think red marble is rarer!! :slight_smile:


I have a blue house!


Be more specific! Painted or Lapiz? XD


My world has scrambled with so many red marble!