Hey guys where is the best place to find lapis? And what’s a good way to get it? I’m on an expert mode run and I cannot find Lapis at all, in the past I’ve found it in my mine because of dumb luck, I’ve also found it on mountains in the past. However I have explored every single mountain in my world and Have mined a lot underground and havnt found any….

I only need 1 so I can upgrade my workbench, and red marble isn’t an issue cause you can get it with a gold pick, but you can’t get lapis with a gold pick…

So yeah where am I most likely to find them? Is there an effective way to mine for them?

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The easiest way I can give you to get some is by breeding dodos. Here’s a great guide for how to get started:

This is the dodo tree. You’ll want to get normal dodos, then stone, limestone, marble, red marble, and then finally lapis.


Mining may be the traditional way of getting it, but by breeding lapis dodos you also go through the previous levels and get other valuable materials. If you’ve tried looking all over your world for lapis and still can’t find any, this method guarantees that you get lapis. Good luck!


Thank you so much! I didn’t know this! I’ve never bred Dodos before, so is this how I’d do it?

Breed 2 stone dodos to get limestone dodos, and the limestone dodos to get marble, then 2 marbles to get red marble, and then 2 to get lapis?

And then once I have a lapis dodo do I just kill it for the block? Is it a guaranteed drop?

Also just a side question will gem dodos drop actual gems on death, or gem shards


Great questions. Your dodos have a chance of laying an egg that is the same level as them, one level above them, or one level below them. They can lay eggs if there is one dodo, but you have a higher chance if you have more. I recommend sorting them by type so that it’s easier to control which levels you get.

Tame a dodo by feeding it 2 apples when it’s a baby and 1 more when it’s an adult. Try not to hit it or using feeder chests since those will make it need more apples to be tamed.

If you kill an adult lapis dodo, it is guaranteed that it will drop one block. Later once you get electricity, you can use the egg extractor and get 2 per egg. Killing baby dodos doesn’t give you anything, so make sure they are adults.

Gem dodos will drop shards, but you can use a press to turn them into regular gems.

Hope this helped!! Feel free to ask any other questions you may have. :smile:


Thank you so much!

Do you think using gem dodos is the best source for getting gems for upgrades? Or do you think a gold pickaxe/exploring caves is better?

My personal favorite is exploring caves and finding gem trees in the sky. I don’t like using gold for pickaxes, but it’s a completely valid method if you like it. Gem dodos only make shards, and then you have to press the shards… so that way is too slow for me, unless I just can’t find any and I’m desperate.

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Both methods are effective, but I personally prefer breeding. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! I prefer mining and using gold pickaxes, but I wanna make sure both methods are effective, if dodo breeding was drastically more effective I’d use it instead.

What else do you use gold on if not pickaxes?

Gold coins

Awesome! What’s a good set up you use? For example if you wanted a diamond farm how many diamond dodos do you keep at once

@YourLocalTerrarian I recommend you try out a gold shovel on some of those special ores you encounter. Because they take longer to break the block, you get more drops. On a few blocks of gold ore, you will likely recoup the cost of the shovel in gold ore and even ingots and ALSO get any number of steel, iron, tin and copper. Using a gold shovel on titanium is also likely to drop ingots which is WAY better. It even beats a diamond pick in expert mode because ore blocks only drop 2 ore, so diamond picks give 12 ore, vs a possible titanium ingot or a drop of 10 or more titanium ore in the process of breaking that block with a gold shovel. You also have good potential of getting some gems from it as well as gold, steel, etc. I went mining titanium with my gold shovel and ended up with enough titanium for two jetpacks and all the upgrades I needed in expert mode.

Thanks! Sounds perfect!